Kim Dotcom Suspected Government Snooping Because Of 150ms Latency In Modern Warfare 3

According to the New Zealand Herald, Kim Dotcom suspected he was being spied because of a 150 millisecond connection delay while playing his favourite game -- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Kim wanted to be the king of MW3 so hard that he had a dedicated internet connection that linked his Coatesville mansion directly to the Sky Tower in Auckland. This initially allowed him to enjoy just a 30ms. However, that changed when New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau decided to intercept this link:

Information held by the Herald shows Gen-I studied data showing the amount of time it took information on the internet connection to reach the Xbox server. It went from 30 milliseconds to 180 milliseconds -- a huge increase for online gamers.

The reason for the extra time emerged in a deeper inquiry, which saw a "Trace Route" search which tracks internet signals from their origin to their destinations. When the results were compared it showed the internet signal was being diverted inside New Zealand.

Apparently, New Zealand technology services company Gen-I was investigating these strange delays in November. That was before New Zealand's government official starting date for Dotcom's wiretapping.

If true, this may have violated Dotcom's civil rights. According to the New Zealand Herald, the episode is also bringing "fresh calls for an inquiry amid claims of the spy agency's role in the international "Five Eyes" Echelon Network." Echelon is the popular name for the telecommunications spy network established by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. [New Zealand Herald via Betabeat]



    its almost like the government had no idea about what this sort of surveillance actually entailed, as if they thought it was magic and completely undetectable (because if they thought it could be as easily detected as this, they sure as hell wouldn't have done it before the official start date).

    Who wants to bet that there will be some serious restructuring in NZ's cyber intelligence department after all these failings have come to light (getting your cover potentially blown is bad enough in itself, but getting it blown before you were even supposed to be spying has even worse consequences)

    "Government is spying on me!" will be the new excuse for losing at cod.

    Rott in hell, fat bastard.

      only one t in rot mikemike

        That phrase can be simplified to;
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    I know the government is spying on me coz i have a delay in the radio signals i pick up on my tooth fillings. My pyramid shaped tinfoil hat doesn't help either.

    150ms? I wish I had this. Singapore ping to the local server is 10ms on the Singtel fibre-optic connection, but you go outside of the island and it drops to 400ms+. My COD stats went shit after I moved here. And don't think it's just distance - in Australia my Telstra ADSL connection to the US was pretty good. I compare it to driving a Ferrari in a remote village - great if you want to go the to local shops, utterly useless when you get onto the dirt roads to the next village.

    "Kim Dotcom suspected he was being spied because of a 150"

    doesnt seem to read right lol

    If he was playing WoW he would have probably been banned for cheating. Blizzard would say hey it interception of packets to our game server is a bannable offence.

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