iPad Pinball Controller Makes No Promise Of Wizardry

One of the few action-oriented games that shines on a touchscreen device is pinball, thanks to its dead simple control scheme. That being said, playing pinball's always best with a set of physical buttons to tap and a spring-loaded ball launcher, which this iPad accessory delivers.

Now, dropping $US60 on a controller that's pretty much exclusively designed for iOS pinball games is a little hard to justify, particularly given it will negate your tablet's portability. But compared to a full-sized pinball table this is a steal. And it comes with five different pinball apps with varying themes, so you're not stuck playing on the same layout for perpetuity. It's compatible with all three versions of the iPad and connects over Bluetooth so you'll need to feed it a steady diet of AAA batteries. But Tommy would have probably been OK with that.

[Sharper Image via 7Gadgets]

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