iPad Mini Prices Leak, Pointing To Eight Different Models

With all the iPad Mini rumours that have been swirling around (suspected Oct. 23 release, etc), the one thing we've been missing is info on price. Now, according to a leaked screenshot from Mobile Geeks, we have a potential price point we can sweat over and scrutinise: €249, or $315, for an 8GB, Wi-Fi only iPad Mini.

The image is a screencap of an inventory system used widely in both Europe and Asia. And if you account for the exchange rate, the purported pricing scheme goes like this: start with the $315 (249 Euro) baseline, and add another $125 (100 Euro) if you want to double the storage, and another $125 if you want cellular. It all culminates in a 64GB, 3G model that costs a whopping $820 (€649).

There are two ways this could play out. If you convert the actual prices to US dollars (which is what Apple bases its pricing on anyway), you get the crazy high prices listed above. But if you just change the currency to dollars, (kinda sorta what Apple does with the iPad 3) you get a slightly better skew, but the prices still go up fast.

At $US250, an 8GB iPad Mini isn't that much more than the comparable versions of its competitors the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. With a 16GB Wi-Fi only model at $US350 however, you're suddenly paying a bit more just to go Apple, when for a lot of people, a cheaper competing tablet would probably work just fine. And the high end is high, but the capacities there exceed what other smaller tablets pack.

For the moment, there's no telling whether or not these price are accurate or how they might relate to the price in American or Australian dollars. But now, as the suspected October 23 announcement date creeps forward, we a possibility to ponder, and stress about. If you're in the market for a tablet maybe its time to give some thought to how price sensitive you should be. [Mobile Geeks via GigaOm]



    suddenly paying a bit more just to go Apple?

    I'm shocked!

      $250 for a base model sounds pretty good, lets wait and see what happens anyway.

    Is apple going to patent this pricing. Hahahaha

    October 27 is coming

      The announcement is only on the 23rd, I doubt they will be in store by the 27th ;)

        No that's when the Microsoft surface is coming out

          I knew when I wrote my comment that somebody would miss that it was a joke.

            Surface is wifi only, no? the attraction of the mini is (if this info is right) it has 3g.

              Surface has USB
              Get your own USB modem on your own preferred carrier.

                Windows Pro yes, but not Windows RT and Windows RT is the target for the low cost market.

                  Actually the Windows RT version does have USB 2.0. The pro version has USB 3.0.

                  Source: http://www.microsoft.com/global/surface/en/us/renderingassets/surfacespecsheet.pdf

    So it's probably going to be $329 AU for 8GB. I think it will be retina at this price. So the choice you have to make is $329 for a 32GB iPod Touch Retina, or 8GB iPad mini retina. This will put the 16GB iPad mini at $429 (current price of the iPad2), but all iOS devices will now be retina. It would be pointless for apple to release non-retina for a device used for reading more than anything else.

    I am glad the prices are high, makes buying the new iPad (two actually) a little more comforting knowing it has better hardware and bigger screen.

    Looks like there's only black and white one's, going against the color rumors.

      They will probably offer their usual range of coloured cases, I'm betting in the $35-$50 range, with the usual plastic and leather options

        riggy was talking about the nice colourful anodised mockups. They look nice, better than some shitty rubber case.

    Don't forget you have to add 400% for the australia tax

    For that price I could buy what.... TWO Nexus tablets? Looks like the decision is clear. Nexus all the way!

      for $250 you could buy 2 nexus tablets?? who's your guy I want some.

    Is this taking taxes into account? Germany has 19% VAT so pre VAT cheapest would be around 210 Euro = approx $265 Aus pre GST or around $290 including GST.

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