Intel Power Management Problem Delays Windows 8 Clover Trail Tablets

Microsoft is already facing an uphill battle when it comes to fighting the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon in the tablet wars. But with news that its certification of tablets based around Intel's Clover Trail platform is being delayed because Intel can't supply proper power management firmware for devices, Microsoft's looming holiday war just became a bit more precipitous.

According to Bloomberg, who cites an unnamed source, the delay could have very real effects on the entire Windows 8 ecosystem, including diminished sales during the busy holiday season, and less incentive for developers to provide touch-friendly Windows 8 apps if quality hardware isn't available.

And it's not just a couple of devices that are Clover Trail based: Dell, HP and Samsung all have devices on the way. But some have speculated that Intel knows the chipset won't perform to expectations and are unconcerned with its success (curiously, Microsoft's own Surface tablet is built around a low power, Intel Core-series chipset). Whatever the case, this is exactly the type of problem Microsoft doesn't want to be dealing with so close to launch day. [Bloomberg]



    "Intel knows the chipset won’t perform to expectations and are unconcerned with its success..." So Intel, another major company, thinks little of its customers and the proud "Intel Inside" logo now stands for, well, nothing much.

      Not defending Intel here, but the article does say that it is speculation by some. Also take a look at the source link for it.

    I really can't see Atom sales affecting the overall performance of Windows 8. Between WinRT and full-power Core CPUs, I think Atom will struggle anyway.

    I was waiting for the Surface... up until the point I realised that unless I want to splash out the big bucks on a Pro version, I would be restricted to using yet another version of the "iTunes" appstore. As much as Android is open-ended, it is still restricted (to a lesser degree) on the Play store.. sure, you can side-load apps but there are some apps that are not available for side-loading..

    When I think of a Windows tablet, I think of the ones that came installed with Windows 7 where you could literally install any Windows OS app you wanted. However that's not going to be the case with the RT release.. you will be limited to the Microsoft AppStore.. it's such a shame they've taken this route as they will be effectively competing DIRECTLY with Apple.. and they're simply going to fail. They've taken their ability to load any Win app and thrown it out the window.. the only true competitive advantage that they had over all the others in the market.. and just tossed it away.

    May as well just buy any old tablet or hybrid PC instead... nothing special about the Surface at all. What a shame.

    @light487 - So get the Pro version when it comes out. It basically replaces a laptop anyway so is actually quite cost effective

    Last edited 02/10/12 3:07 pm

      Depends what you use your laptop for. Most pro users I know would still need to have an additional laptop with some horsepower for most of their daily work. For general consumers the Pro may be enough for email, surfing, word, excel, but then why even bother with Pro when RT will be much cheaper and will basically be able to do the same except that you a limited to the Metro interface. Still a year or two before a good amount of horsepower will be able to fit into a tablet form factor.

        Indeed.. that's my point.. it's not distinguishing itself enough from other products on the market.. may as well just get a Hybrid lappie.. or any old Tablet PC.. the Surface is looking to be a premium tablet for the wrong reasons (in my view)..

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