Inside Naomi Campbell’s New Spaceship House

Inside Naomi Campbell’s New Spaceship House

Naomi Campbell’s new spaceship is almost done. The stunning 2650sqm mansion feels like a smoothed Star Destroyer, with two 20m towers as the ship’s bridge overlooking lush hills covered with birch and pine forests. The photos and the scale is nothing short of stunning.

The interior is as futuristic as the exterior, with gigantic glass panels, smooth curves everywhere and extremely tall ceilings.

Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin commissioned the house to Zaha Hadid, an architect who is known for his futuristic style. Just take a look at his Star Trek Federation Fleet academy (or a government building in Montpellier, France) or his hi-tech Batman speedboat.

I wonder which of the two towers is their bedroom. Perhaps both. [Zaha Hadid]

Music: The Secret Control Room by Alexusual

Images of the house under construction.