In 1965 Ford Wanted Everyone To Steer With Their Wrists: What Could Be Safer?

In 1965 Ford's forward-thinking engineers actually proposed that drivers should steer using just their wrists. The company's radical Wrist-Twist system promised a more comfortable ride, a better view of the road and dashboard instruments, and a guaranteed 2000 per cent increase in vehicular accidents.

Steering with the unique parallel set of tiny wheels does look ideal for lazy drivers who prefer to barely lift their arms. But it's hard to imagine yourself performing evasive manoeuvres or quickly steering around an obstacle with this sketchy setup. Ford even boasted the Wrist-Twist system made parallel parking a breeze, although it's hard not to raise an eyebrow when the traffic in the background is all moving backwards as it's being demonstrated. We call shenanigans! [YouTube via Neatorama]

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