I Want The New SimCity In My Life Right Now

I've waited long enough, I'm ready for it, and my town planner-hands are itching to get back into build mode. The new SimCity looks amazing and I want it in my life right now.

This new day-by-day gameplay demo was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and it features lead designer Stone Librande building a new Las Vegas.

The interesting thing about the new SimCity is that it looks like it caters to hardcore city building fans. You really have to think about everything. From where you're putting your dump so it doesn't poison the water supply, right through to where your police stations are so that you can keep crime away from residential areas. It's incredible.

I guess casual gamers who love SimCity can be content with the tablet version of the game. Either way, it's been a long time between drinks and February 2013 can't arrive soon enough.

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