I Want The Adorable Suitcase That Can Follow Me Around An Airport

From buckles, to wheels, to uncrushable materials — suitcase innovation is incredible. The suitcase, though, has never been something that makes me smile or go "aww", until now. Meet Hop: the suitcase that can automatically follow you around an airport.

Hop is an adorable little suitcase about the size of a standard overnight bag. It's grey in colour and beneath its stylish exterior are two tank-like caterpillar tracks that let it follow you around from gate to gate.

The suitcase knows where you are (the weirdest thing I've written all day) thanks to a Bluetooth 4.0 antenna that is paired to your phone. Hop is able to triangulate your position using three sensors inside the suitcase lining so that it knows which direction you're going.

The only downside though is that Hop doesn't look particularly fast, and Bluetooth 4.0 isn't renowned for having an amazing range. The worst thing for Hop would be turning around to find it's not behind you anymore.

Regardless, I want one. You? [Geekologie]

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