I Can’t Stop Reading The Text Messages Women Send Into HeTexted

I Can’t Stop Reading The Text Messages Women Send Into HeTexted

Ladies, we need to talk. Everyone needs advice sometimes, but some of the texts you are sending into the cool/sad website HeTexted are just awful.

The new site is a horrifying and hilarious glimpse into the way texting has totally ruined dating for everyone forever. The site introduces a three-step process to evaluate your SMS sadness:

  • 1. Girls send in the text messages from potential mates in an attempt to crack the digital DaVinci code that men use to lure/avoid women.
  • 2. Readers can vote — he’s “into you” or “not into you” or “you own too many cats.”
  • 3. Everything is terrible always.

The idea of crowdsourcing advice is neat, but there are several different categories of questions that have distinct answers. For example, the late-night text. If he’s asking to hang out at midnight on a Tuesday, it’s more than likely a booty call. If he’s asking you to bring your friend along, he’s more than likely interested in your friend. If he’s not texting you back, he’s more than likely just not interested.

Honestly, some of these are perfect examples of facepalm moments, but apparently attraction does some confounding things to logic. Although in spite of the extreme lack of social skills exemplified, it’s really hard not to keep reading these. The texts are frightening and hilarious. Yo. Wanna hang out? Got the Twilight DVDs if you wanna come over this weekend. No. No, most definitely don’t wanna. [HeTexted via RyanHatesThis]