HTC's One X+ 1.7GHz Quad-Core Beast Just Got Official

The rumours and leaks were spot on. HTC's giving its flagship One X a spec bump to help it compete with the likes of the Galaxy S III. Meet the new 1.7GHz quad-core-packing, 64GB-equipped 4.7-incher, dolled up in go-faster red and black, the HTC One X+.

Basically, it's the same phone we were impressed by back in April, just with upgraded internals and a new colour scheme. It's got the boosted 1.7GHz quad-core Tegra 3 chip at its heart, backed by 1GB of RAM; an 8MP shooter on the back coupled to a new imaging chip; an upgraded 1.6MP chat-cam on the front, plus a Beats audio feed-back amplifier, which apparently makes the on-board speaker sound better - perfect for annoying the hell out of everyone on the bus, now with distortion-free, tinny sound.

One of our biggest gripes about the One X, was the crummy battery life; thankfully HTC's seen fit to put a bigger, 2,100 mAh cell in the One X+, so hopefully it'll last a little longer. Oh, and it might not come with a charger, depending on who you buy it from.

In our hands-on play it felt snappy and responsive, but honestly, anything packing Jelly Bean does these days. The improved camera works as advertised, while HTC's new Sense 4+ skin is light and blends well into Google's own handiwork, along with its new Watch 2.0 and "Best Deals" apps.

HTC's flagship just got better, but is it enough to drag you away from the awesome Galaxy S III or Apple's new iPhone 5? Probably not, but at least it's a decent alternative if you're not a fan of the battling pair. Pricing and availability are yet to be announced for the US.

Our newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.



    The original One X won many reviewer shoot outs between it and the Galaxy S3. So, now that the new One X has even better specs than the original, wouldn't that make it demonstrably better than the current S3...?

      Many first gen were flawed though.. revisions made some fixes but overheating is still an issue as tegra 3+ is just an overclocked core and memory. Was hoping for a die-shrink.. oh well

    Litigate! Apple has the patent for making a new phone look like an old one.

    I got one x, used to have apple rubbish, galaxy s2, then desire hd and now one x. The best!

    Damn it. Just bought a OneX a couple of months ago. :(

    Sorry, Sam: in what sense did the One X+ release become "official?" There's no link in your story that I can find to HTC or an explanation of where these specs are coming from. File this under "more rumors" unless you can do a better job of describing your sources.

      agreed, it was bloody close to the S3 on comparison reviews so now that its faster with a battery to match (possibly better battery management within too) how is this not a much more viable option rather than a "probably not but a good alternative".

        Yes, I think we need to challenge the emerging orthodoxy that the smartphone of choice is either iPhone5 or S3.

      lol owned.

    HTC's build quality is something to go for (currently own a DesireHD). Very interested in this!

    I have used 3 different iPhone and the GS2 and currently have the One X and love it, working in IT and having used the various different phones on the market, I have to say the One X is one of the best out there.

    I made the switch to Android a few months ago with a $500 Kogan One-X...for the money you cannot lose!

    Ill probably buy one of these in a few months as well...any word on LTE?

    damn just brought my One X last month on contract... it hasn't been even a year and it has been upgraded. now how much could i get for my nearly new One X...

    Still no 4G in the flagship?

      Yes 4G LTE is supported! always has been with the One x but only in the dual core. Now its supported with Quad core 2!

        I think that 4g in Australia was only the one xl not the one x. I haven't seen the one x plus staying that it will have 4g. I thought that the specs said it wasn't 4g. Which sux if this is the case.

    I had a htc one xl and loved it till it got wet, then found that not being able to take out the battery and memory,was a real issue, lost my recent photos, phone was destroyed, while this new one is very tempting, I am keen on the samsung note 2, if the 4g version comes to AU, otherwise jt will be htc x plus assuming 4g has the same specs.

    "HTC’s flagship just got better, but is it enough to drag you away from the awesome Galaxy S III or Apple’s new iPhone 5? Probably not, "
    Probably not?

    Probably not????

    Why the **** not??? Seriously? wtf??
    It's a freaking beautiful phone that smokes the shit out of S3. Wth is Gizmodo smoking???

    If the one x+ has 4g I want it. If not I'll buy another brand as poor battery and only 32gb kills the one xl for me

    Is it 4G or not? Want to know if its worth the wait or jump on the S3 4g bandwagon.

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