HTC's Finances Keep Getting Worse

HTC is continuing to suffer. Despite the launch of its well-received One X, the latest financial results show that the company's profits have dropped 79 per cent from last year.

Sadly, it's the fourth consecutive quarter in which the corporation's profits have been down, with net profit hitting a low of $US133.2 million compared to last year's $US636.5 million. With figures that keep dropping, HTC sure is having a rough time of things financially.

While the One X and One S have both been well-received, they've struggled to put up a good enough fight against the likes of Apple and Samsung. Whether the striking 8X WinPho handset can rejuvenate the company's flagging sales remains to be seen. [HTC via Reuters]


    so what are they doing wrong exactly? not selling enough handsets?

      Probably due to Samsungs HUGH world wide budget.. there is more wrong with Samsung in the mobile game other than the whole Apple saga.. Samsung are a leech of a company that needs some stronger competition.

    A real shame. HTC has made and continues to make great stuff of great quality. Certainly a far cry from the Samsungs I've seen and tried (maybe they're better now, I don't know).

    Hope they manage to keep their heads above water.

    I think previously they tended to release too many phones each only has smaller differences which was very confusing... the recent One series is a good direction but it might take a little time to turn around. most of the time, I feel HTC is not battling Apple product but rather Samsung.

    it would be interesting to know how One X did market wise.

    Indeed. HTC still actually makes good products, it's just that Apple/Samsung have such strong brands. iPhone is obviously a strong premium contender and there's a "Galaxy" phone in just about every niche.

    I wonder how HTCs overall situation compares with Nokias?

    I have a One X, my wife has a Galaxy SII. Her camera is better, the sync/backup software once you manage to install it :) is fantastic compared to HTC's really poor effort. Her phone software is a better experience in general. Her phone appears to recharge faster. I like my HTC but there can be vast improvements to match with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

    Last year HTC sold more smartphones in the US than anyone else. This year Samsung have streaked ahead so it is hardly surprising their profits are down. Strangely, I can't help feeling that all the coverage Samsung have been getting over their legal battles has been a big help to them. But HTC are a relatively small company that basically appeared out of nowhere a few years ago, so it seems likely they will settle into a long-term situation that they can build a future around.

    I've always thought HTC made great looking/feeling handsets but someone else always seems to come up with something that might not look as slick but ticks more boxes, so I've never owned one.

    I think this is really sad as if this pattern continues all that will be left is Samsung and Apple and no real choice to the consumer. Samsung is HTC's real competition in a way as they both use the Android platform but it seems Samsung is using its almighty power to squash the little people....much like people say Apple are doing. All i can say is be careful what you wish for. When people set out glorify one or two brands all that is left is a consumer that has less choice and pays higher prices....Nokia may make some headway but i really am yet to be convinced about the Windows 8 experience and its ability to turn things around. I have an iPhone a HTC OneXL and i love the HTC phone. To me it has a fantastic aesthetic and the skin is actually really great. I really hope HTC sticks around for all of our sakes. But sadly the truth is that HTC just can't keep up with the relentless machines that are Apple and Samsung...

    I have to say im actually a fan of that orange colour HTC in the pic above!!!

    oh no~ they only earned 133.2 million this year. Seriously?

      Less than one quarter what they earned the year before is a cause for concern, even if they're still making an astronomical amount of money in abstract.

    As long as they keep turning a profit things will be fine. They're probably still sitting on large cash reserves from a good couple of years too. I expect them to get the spec combos right again soon.

    While HTC seem to choose the right materials for their phones, I've always found their designs incredibly boring. Their insistance on polluting android with a crapware layer on top to slow down use and updates irritates me also.

    Reducing the number of handsets they produce into a few worldwide lines is definitely a good idea, but might rub the american telco's who love to have their exclusive throwaway one off phones the wrong way.

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