How To Be A Douchebag In The New SimCity

Every single video that comes out for the new SimCity has me wishing my year away so that it can be February 2013 already. We've already seen just how awesome a city you can build in the first gameplay demo. Now we're being shown just how random events can destroy your hard work and how you can be an arse by not planning for them.

You'll need to build police and fire stations, as well as hospitals to keep your city safe. If you don't, your city might not recover from the crippling effects of a tornado, earthquake, UFO attack or meteor shower. Depending on what you want to specialise in, though, you may just forget to build these important civic services.

Watch this fun "moving picture" to see just how disasters affect the landscape in the new SimCity. I'm just going to be over here, filling out my leave forms for all of February 2013...

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