How Quantum Mechanics Was Born From The Need For A Better Lightbulb

Some of mankind's most remarkable scientific discoveries came to light as a result of research that had nothing to do with the breakthrough itself. And such was the case with quantum mechanics. Back in the early 1890s the German Bureau of Standards asked Max Blanck to design a lightbulb that produced the maximum amount of light with the minimal amount of energy. And his research into saving the bureau a few dollars on its energy bills led to the study of quantum mechanics which could one day let us unlock the secrets of the universe.

Oh, and FYI, it turns out that a lightbulb running at 3,200 kelvin gives out the maximum amount of light that is visible by humans, if you're interested in saving a few more dollars and building your own. [YouTube]


    Jeez. Max Blanck?
    I'm convinced Gizmodo must be trolling to get more comments. There is simply no such thing as an error-free article on this site any more. If it's not deliberate, the lack of proof-reading as you write (when your job is "journalism") is pretty amazing.

    Shortly after quantum physics they came up with planned obsolescence.

    I believe planned obsolescence is the root cause of things like Apple Maps. Planned obsolescence allows a healthy economy by flooding the market with new products, new products that are poorly made with shorter life spans. Why not have lesser products to choose from but more quality and life span in their manufacture. Do you really need 20 laptops to choose from or will 15 do ?

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