How Many Social Networks Do You Actively Use?

There's a social network for everything. There are multiple social networks for any one thing. There are too many goddamn social networks. How many of them do you actually participate in?


    Probably *checks phone* 4 being Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram if i bothered.

    Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and untappd by reposting on the main two

    In order of usage: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, App.Net, Instagram

    This is pretty much as social networky as I get.

    Facebook for social and LinkedIn for professional

    FCB and Instagram. Regular folk who use Twitter....wankers.

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest, wanelo, gentlemint, dudepins, Reddit, I use them all for social networking

    Does an internet forum count as a social network? If no, then none. Otherwise, one.

    Zero, because of shit like this:

    u mad NSA?

    Facebook i actually use, but I have accounts with most other networks, I just can't be bothered with any others.

    Gave Facebook the flick over a year ago and have not missed it for a second. Now I only use Youtube and internet forums. Life is too short to waste time on these anti social networks.

    I find I can only maintain three at a time, too much effort for more. So for me, it's Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram currently. I do keep Tweetie (well, Twitter now) open to read the feeds, but only really respond every now and again, and rarely a new tweet.

    None. Nada. Zilch. I look over my wife's shoulder once in a while and see what is going on with FB and it just increases my resolve to have nothing to do with it.

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (latest addition), Youtube, Reddit

    1. Twitter by choice. Love it.
    2. Facebook because it's the only way to chat to the better half when we're not together.
    3. by choice though I wish more people were on it and that there was a windows (xp/vista/7) desktop client.
    4. Foursquare because, well, still trying to figure that one out.

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