How Many People Has James Bond Killed In All Of His Movies?

352. That's James Bond's number of kills in all his movies. From Dr No to Quantum of Solace, Connery to Craig. This lovely infographic from Brendan Dawes (which was inspired by Dr No's title sequence) breaks down each kill from each movie.

The big red circles are worth 10 kills, while the smaller blue-green circles represent one kill. The bloodiest movie was Goldeneye and the movie where Bond killed the least people was The Man with the Golden Gun. These 352 kills are directly because of James Bond -- the total deaths in all Bond movies is approaching 1300. I wonder how many Skyfall will add to the total (and also how many Bond girls were his bed companion throughout the movies).

[The Guardian]

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    The real answer is NONE!..They were all acting! ;)

    wonder if he had to renew his license every 100?

    But what of all the "innocents"? Lets look at the cars being run of roads and buildings collapsing. I think it is safe to say it goes beyond 352. ;P

    Most of the guys in Goldeneye didn't even have nametags.

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