How Did This MacBook Pro End Up Like A Crumpled Piece Of Paper?

Although not indestructible, the MacBooks' aluminium body is really hard. I can't imagine what happened to make this one end like this. I got the image via email with no context whatsoever. Any ideas? [Thanks Karl!]



    "Honest Apple Genius, I opened the lid and it just did that. I think there is a problem with the battery... it exploded."

    it looks like its been through one of those metal press machines

      Yeah, looks like a Metal Folder with that nice straight fold in the lid

      Agreed, it does look like a magnapress did the damage

    Chuck Norris went to pick it up from that table?

      No, Chuck Norris THOUGHT about picking it up from the table.

    Apple: "You're holding it the wrong way".

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      I think we have a winner

      This is almost like a caption contest for apple bashing


      I too feel the need to congratulate you, good sir

      this sort of thing usually ticks me off but nicely done :)

    isnt it obvious? the laptop picked up though the microphone that the owner bought cage eggs and GM produce and cupertino's consumer image protection self destruct system activated.

      So most Apple users care about GM produce and free range eggs? Wow... You try and insult and accidentally compliment instead.

      er... I don't get it. Apple users buy free range eggs or something? We're all lost here.

    This is why you should stick with PC. (I kid, I kid, don't feed the troll)

    what Kwon Oh Hyun did to his macbook after losing the court case lol

    Bender did it.

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    Finally got it able to cool properly.

    Stuck between two lift doors on the way up (or down). A la Final Destination.

    I think I can see that the laptop was sitting on the right-hand side, flat against something - probably something hard. Then another something has bent and pushed the left-hand side like trying to close a book.
    You can also see that the middle of the far left silver part is pushed inward, which looks like where the point of force was.
    You can also see that the ports on the closest edge are squished and bent and the corner is almost completely in a 90 degree corner, but further along said edge is still quite straight, so there had to have been either something holding the laptop and folding it, like creating a crease on paper and folding over your finger. And that's not even mentioning the screen.
    But I'm being Captain Obvious here. Someone surely knows what did it.

    Chuck Norris is less than pleased with his Apple OS!

    DHL - I once sent a laptop away and it came back looking very similar. Only the DHL tape all over the crushed box gave it away.

    It's the Revolutionary MacBook Fold. Beautiful Tangents for a magical price.

    your momma she so fat that when she sits down on...........

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