Here's The Delicious Cake Mozilla Sent Microsoft To Celebrate IE10

While Firefox and Internet Explorer have a long history of feuding online for market share, when it comes to celebrating the launch of a new browser version, it's all smiles and cake. This week, the Firefox guys sent the IE team the above baked treat to officially welcome Internet Explorer 10 into the world. It's a tradition that spans back to 2006.

As Mozilla programmer Matt Brubeck writes on his blog, it started when Microsoft sent the Firefox team a cake to celebrate the release of Firefox 2. Since then, the two have kept the dessert love flowing, albeit sporadically, as a friendly reminder that developers aren't cut-throat programmers after the blood of their competitors.

Well, not all the time.

Sadly, the cake suffered a bit of damage on the way to Redmond, though Microsoft was witty enough to turn the mishap into a clever CSS joke, before devouring the thing. They did, however, manage to save a small part of it.

[Matt Brubeck]

Top image: Matt Brubeck / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0


    Can I have some?

    See why cant apple and samsung be nice to each other like this?
    stories like this bring such a smile to my face

      Lets sent Apple some Android Shaped Cookies!

      Mozilla and the Internet Explorer team are staffed and run by developers. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc are run by lawyers.

    if you look at the cake from IE team it looks like they made it themselves! at least firefox team put some effort in and got it made properly! Geezus

    this cake will make you as bloated as firefox is now

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