Hanging Rope Coat Rack Doesn't Waste Any Floor Space

If you live in a small apartment, you probably don't have enough floor space to donate to a coat rack. But if you still need a place to drop your coat, you'll be gobsmacked by this brilliantly simple hanging roberope with five moulded hooks.

Designed by German minimalists Justus Kraenzle and Jan-Patric Metzger, the 4m marine rope can be installed by simply looping a hangman's knot on one end over a support that's sturdy enough to support whatever you intend to hang on it. And the rope's reinforced core that holds the shape of the five hooks also ensures it hangs perfectly centred no matter how the weight is distributed on it.

If only the roberope website was more forthcoming with pricing info, this could very well turn out to be perfect for every room in your home.

[roberope via designboom]



    Rec Retail price: 129, - € per piece. - hat tip to Google Translate

    I wonder if you could DIY this with some regular rope and some sort of reasonably free-flowing (and therefore easily absorbed into the rope) adhesive?

    Regular rope and some loops if you are happy to use coat hangers...

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