Guess Who Bought The First Holden Volt In Australia?

Guess Who Bought The First Holden Volt In Australia?

The Holden Volt goes on sale in a couple of weeks here in Australia. The pre-order list is already longer than Santa’s naughty list (which I’m still trying to get myself off), but the person at the top of it still won’t be the first one in Australia to score one of the sexy new cars. You’ll never guess who it is…

Mike Devereux today announced at the Australian International Motor Show that the first Volt owner in Australia is none other than US Ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich.

Bleich said that the Volt is joining the US Embassy’s Australian fleet because of a commitment to be more sustainable in the way they get around Canberra’s many roundabouts.

The US Ambassador had a few choice things to say about the Volt, making him my favourite of all the Ambassadors I’ve met.

“The Holden Volt is like “sin without the punishment,” he said.

“It’s being able to eat ice-cream and lose weight or watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and get smarter.”


Devereux handed the keys to Bleich today at the Motor Show today.