Google's New iOS Search App Answers Your Questions Directly

Google just released an update to its search app for iOS. Now it has the Knowledge Graph built inside, meaning you can ask it questions and it will answer right back.

So if you say “Who’s the president of South Africa?” it will just say “Jacob Zuma” rather than offering a bunch of results you don’t care about. That’s pretty awesome and way better than Siri, which seems to just search the web for the answer to every question you ask. [iTunes App Store via Google]


    I just aksed Siri who the President of South Africa is and she answered. Did you know that Jacob Zuma was born in 1942, in Nkandla?

    The Google thing still looks pretty cool, just saying don't be so mean to Siri.

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      So Siri answered your question with another question?

        No, Siri answered my question with a detailed profile of the South African President.

        Thumbs up!

      So Siri just hit WolframAlpha?

        Yep, and that's a good thing. Wolfram is pretty impressive.

          Yep! As far as hitting existing webservices go, its a good choice.

    Can you ask when the Google maps app will be out for iOS?

    I just downloaded it on my iPhone 4 and it is indeed awesome and also way better than Siri (because it works on my iPhone 4).

    Every time there is an Apple story, the Apple haters post ridiculous comments. Every time there is an Andriod story, the Andriod haters follow suit.
    As a daily Giz reader, this is becoming overwhelmingly tiresome.
    Why can't people post positive things and stop the hating.. ?
    (.. and yes, I understand the irony of posting a complaint on negative comments with a negative comment ;) )

    Can't seem to get the voice talk back feature working on an iPhone 4 ? I can ask a question fine, but no response. Is there a minimum requirement for the talk back capability (i.e iPhone 4S / 5) ?

      Same... It's just seems to be a refined version of the existing voice search. Same layout and graphic as the win8 app but no voice reply on my 4.

        You need to set the language to English (U.S.) for the talk back feature to work, only issue is that this seems to effect the voice recognition accuracy, at least on an Australian accent.

    Reading the blog it says voice reply only works on simple answers but the example in this post just brought up a pic of the SA prez. Much better voice rec than previous version though.

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