Google Play Store Update FINALLY Lets You Remove Those Old Apps

Google Play Store Update FINALLY Lets You Remove Those Old Apps

Android users have waited a very long time for the improvements that are currently being rolled out to the Play Store app. But the one you’ll care about the most is being able to finally remove all those stupid apps you tried for five minutes and then uninstalled.

1. Remove uninstalled apps individually or in bulk.
The Play Store app keeps a log of every single app you’ve ever downloaded and installed, even if you later uninstalled it from your phone for whatever reason. It was impossible to remove those uninstalled apps from the list, making it a pain in the arse to scroll through when you’re looking for something in particular. Now, with the new update, not only can you delete those old apps from the list, you can delete a whole bunch in one go by pressing and holding on an app to trigger the multi-select option.

2. No more scrolling from the very top every time you hit the back button.
The update also remembers your position in a list, so that when you click on an app and then hit the back button it will no longer force you to start from the top of the list again. If you regularly browse through the Play Store, this will be a huge timesaver.

3. Improved notifications.
Jelly Bean users should find that expanded notifications now work much more seamlessly with the Play Store. You’ll also find a couple of minor UI changes to notifications created by the Play Store. When there’s an update available or you’ve installed an app, the notifications menu will now display the actual app’s icon.

These improvements go a long way to save time and resolves most of my frustrations with the Play Store. Now we just need a bookmarking feature so we can check out apps of interest at a later date. And being able to sort apps alphabetically instead of download date would be nice too. The 3.9.16 update is currently being rolled out to all Android devices. You can check which version you have by going to Menu > Settings > Build version while in the Play Store app. [Android Police, Android Community]