Google Maps Street View Returns To Your iPhone Tomorrow

Google Maps isn't really gone from iPhones in iOS 6. You can still get it through the vastly inferior mobile version of its browser-based web app. Tim Cook even suggested you try it if you're dissatisfied with Apple Maps.

In a recent video about Google Maps, Señor Walt Mossberg notes that the company will be adding Street View to this mobile version of the app starting tomorrow. This more or less confirms earlier reports that the feature was coming soon. Huzzah! [WSJ via 9To5Mac]


    Bring on Google Maps, Forstall should be sacked !!

    So wait.. is this story about Street View coming to the web version of Google Maps, or are we getting a new Google Maps app with street view included?

      My understanding is that they are adding this feature to the mobile web version, while an iOS app is being built to be released at a later date.

    I am so confused, I have no idea what's going on.

      I can "help"

      2 weeks ago Apple let go of it's sanity by getting rid of Google Maps and installing Apple Maps.

      Ever since then the world has changed dramatically with it's apple citizens being completely unable to get to work / play / shops / airports or anything at all.

      There is help on it's way apparently. I personally have left a trail of lit candles so that i can find my way to the toilet and back. I am still to scared to venture outside.

    Hey BTW... Did anyone notice that person in the picture raising the middle finger. Why did Gizmodo posted picture like this? I find it gross. :(

      I think your a little over sensitive... Anyway i just find it hilarious cause they probably brags to their mates about being employed by google and then BAM! 2moro they are fired

    Street view on the web version of GM sounds good but how come I don't see it when I go to the site?

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