Google Lost The Nexus 4 In A Bar

In a very, heh, familiar story, Google apparently lost the upcoming Nexus 4 in a bar last month. Yes, the LG Nexus phone we expect to be unveiled next week. Yes, the phone that's probably going to take the crown as the best Android phone available when it comes out.

The phone, which was lost at the 500 Club in San Francisco's Mission District, was found by Jamin Barton, the bartender who discovered it. It was locked, had no SIM card and had a Google logo and an explicit "not for sale" sticker on the back.

When Barton showed the phone to a tech-savvy regular, he immediately knew it was the next Nexus and contacted Google, who promptly freaked out and started an epic chase sequence that seems straight out of the movies. Google dispatched Brian Katz, global investigations and intelligence manager at Google, who's described as "pushy" and "military"-like to retrieve the phone. Wired says:

By the time Katz was speeding north to the Mission District, Barton says, he had already agreed to hand the phone over to Google the next day, at noon, on the sole condition that the guy coming to get it could prove he actually worked for Google. "What was I supposed to do, look for the guy with Google shirt? How did I know this guy didn't work for Apple?"

There was a bit of a cat and mouse game being played, with Barton avoiding Katz (since Katz refused to admit he worked for Google) and a riot thrown in there for good measure but in the end Google got its phone back. Google offered Barton a free phone if he would keep quiet about its embarrassing episode but thankfully he declined, so we have another lost phone at a bar story to laugh at. Read the whole entertaining situation over at Wired. [Wired]



    Really? Looks like a phone made about 3 years ago

      wouldn't really expect much else from LG tbh.

      such a terrible choice for a nexus producer

        Totally agree.

          I learned something in my 2 months without a mobile. It's the functions I missed. Not once did I want my iPhone back because of how it looked. Perhaps apples aesthetic restrictions beat this out of me, but I'm a windows man now :)

    Reading the story in the original article all those involved acted like frightened teenagers, to put it nicely. What a group of utter fools.
    At least the bar tender was nice enough to report it directly to Google initially, it's just too bad that after that he and his friends regressed to infant level intelligence. It sounds like the Google guy needs a LOT of work on his interpersonal skills, and the bar guys have a lot of growing up to do.

    Apple will probably sue..

      for what? making an ugly phone?

        Sueing for copying the part of losing the phone in the bar..

        For copying their TOTALLY ACCIDENTAL LEAK!

          No, for copying their marketing tactics. The iPhone 4 Gizmodo conundrum is nestled deep in my mind, it worked very well for Apple.

    So, this is just standard procedure for phone makers now? Leak your phone by leaving it at a bar?

    ...the phone that’s probably going to take the crown as the best Android phone available

    A phone with 8GB of storage is not going to take any crowns

      Unless it has SD, then you'd be laughing!

    Totally missed opportunity for Katz and mouse pun.

    Where is this bar that keeps making people lose newly designed phones and where the people that pick them up know its a newly designed phone?

      Yeah, I wondered that. How many people on this planet would actually know what other phones are available. And how many people would actually research a phone they found.... Unless of course they have "IF FOUND, PLEASE REPORT TO GOOGLE" written all over the UI.

    I find this pathetic for the following:
    1. Not for sale sticker - serious?? Like the Google person IS going to try and sell a test phone?
    2. They not running Jelly Bean on it and not installed a tracker software on it?
    3. Has anyone tried phoning Google and tell them you found a lost phone of theirs. I bet the switchboard put him straight through to the Google Missing Phones dept. Or maybe the barman picked up the land line number or alternative number from said phone itself (ET phone home).
    4. Phone was locked (!) and had no sim card in it. Now that sounds like a plan when going out on a night in town.
    5. The exact address sounds more like a PR stunt to get more punters to the bar. Maybe a new trend like all alien watchers rushing off to a desolate desert town? The Bermuda Triangle of concept phones anyone?
    6. So Apple has a fake "Google Lost Phones" number and a fake Brian Katz impersonator to pick up google phones? It is unthinkable that Apple is not intercepting phone calls to google for missing phones and then send out their own agents to pick it up. Better yet, Apple probably the owner of a twitter account to report it too, assuming the barman didn't call Google.
    7. Katz (assuming he did this) refused to admit he works for google? Yet Katz put fake google credentials on the internet? This Katz and Musician (part time barmen) story is so lame it sucks.

    This 'Ol chestnut...

    "was found by Jamin Barton, the bartender who discovered it." - So it was found, by the person, who discovered it? I see.

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