Google Is Announcing Something New With Android On October 29th

Google just sent out a mysteriously cute invitation about an Android event happening on October 29 in New York. All the invitation says is "the playground is open". What does that mean?

The event will be streamed on YouTube and you know we'll be there to give you everything you need to know about what's next with Android. Will this be something dealing with a Nexus phone? Another OS update? We'll find out at the end of the month.


    Google Now API open to all?

      Yeah, that's the Google Now interface. Something to do with a Now API makes sense.

      Isn't this the same day as Windows 8 retail availability?

    Well there is another clue in there, the mic icon. Open mic??? Some form of update to compete with Siri?

      It could be argued that the voice stuff in Android are better. Depends on what you want out of it, really.

      And most people? They don't want anything out of it but to ignore it.

        In most instances it's a lot quicker and more accurate than Siri. Just without the personality.

          Which is another thing people like. I've only ever seen friends use siri to show off funny question/responses they found online.

      The mic image you refer to is just the standard mic image from an Android text entry or search bar.

    Android Version 5?

      Possibly, It's almost been 12 months exactly since the last major release, doubt it though.

        Can't say I see Android 5.x on the horizon just yet. The main reason why we saw the jump from 2.3 and 3.0 to 4.x was due to the merging of Phone and Tablet specific platforms.

        While it's all heresy and speculation so far, Key Lime Pie has already been associated with Android 4.2

      Are we talking about Key Lime Pie or the next Android OS after it?

    What can I say.... :D

    It's possible it could be similar or related to the 'Google Ears' project which is in labs, hopefully to replace applications like Shazam and Soundhound.

    Obviously something to do with Google Play... Perhaps a making a lot more multimedia content available to compete better with itunes

    Perhaps the "open playground" is the opening or free-ing up of the Nexus program, as per the rumors that have been floating around?

    They now make schoolyard equipment? :P

      I can FINALLY get my hands on those customisable monkeybars. Don't ever hear someone say "I wish these swings were more intuitive" take that iOS!

    It's all a big conspiracy. Samsung and Apple suing each other over Android things was merely a diversion. Apple and Google are secretly working together to ensure the death of Microsoft on the launch week of their new operating system, completely negating the 1.5 billion spent on advertising because the tech blogs are too busy covering the Goople stories. It was planned from the beginning.
    *Removes tin hat*

    Opening up the google play store TV/movies/music to all countries perhaps? Well we can only dream.

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    Please new Nexus phone. My contract with vodafone finally ends and I'm contemplating on just buying my phone and do a BYO contract or pre-paid.

    Playground? So the playstore is getting a makeover/appupgrade, google apps specifically will be a major part of the conference, however the more important thing to wonder about is the Developer Platform being revamped. I cant wait for the developer stuff to be updated.

    My guess is the 32GB Nexus 7, considering that the same tagline "The Playground Is Open" was what they used for the original versions.

      ^This. Kinda annoyed too. I fill my 16GB in about 2 mins flat when I'm travelling....

    Where's my invite? I'll be in NYC on the 29th, I'll go on behalf of everyone here...

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