New Android Apps: Google Calendar, High Stakes Politics, And More

New Android Apps: Google Calendar, High Stakes Politics, And More

Ready to jump start your week with some apps? We’ve got days and days worth of entertainment for you in the form of the week’s best Android apps. From a medieval shooter game to a calendar to get you organised, we’re giving you plenty of things to keep you occupied.

The Bard’s Tale: It’s almost Halloween, so it’s totally cool to pretend you’re a medieval fighter named Bard, wandering a magical world in search of conquests of both the flesh and the sword. You’ll find tons of different weapons and equipments to don when you encounter 50 types of enemies in a giant magical world. $2.99

Hotels by Orbitz: The holidays will be here soon enough which means a lot of travelling and a lot of family time. Chances are, at some point in the next couple of months you’ll need a hotel room, and that’s when this app will come in handy. You know you’ll be short on cash, what with all the gift-buying, so fire up Orbitz and find the cheapest, best lodgings in your area. Free

Google Calendar: It’s a busy time of year, so you want to make sure you’re organised. Conveniently enough, Google released a standalone calendar app this week where you can see all of your calendars (Google or otherwise) at the same time. Free

High Stakes Politics: Ugh, the election. We’re all over it, regardless of our affiliations, so why not make it into a game? High Stakes Politics asks you questions regarding the entire political system and lets you bet fake money on your answers. And good news — there’s more subject besides the presidential race. Free

Global Outbreak : Pretend you’re Rick Grimes for a minute and give this zombie-killing game for a minute. You’re the head of Blackhorne Industries, and you have to amass weapons, build an army, and save mankind from the undead before it’s too late. Bonus: this 3D game has a twist of reality, too — it’s location aware. Free