Good Luck Sleeping At Night You Artsy Dumbarse

If there's one thing you learn living in a crowded urban metropolis it's that birds don't have any trouble finding a place to nest. And when they do, you hope it's not anywhere within earshot of your windows.

So while this artsy initiative that turns recycled materials into birdhouses sounds like a lovely way to spruce up a neighbourhood, it's hard to imagine the deafening racket coming from this wall. The deafening racket or the mountain of crap that's going to end up on the sidewalk below. Nice work, but can we have our wall of profanity graffiti back instead? [Happy City Birds via MyModernMet]


    Good point. A real tree would probably be a lot better than a stylised birdhouse thing anyway. Looks great though.

      Good point? Not really.

      What bird sings after dark? I can't think of any, bar owls. Even then, they don't exactly screech in the dark.

        All birds sing after dark in their nests. Owls are monotonous, mindnumbingly irritating, but nesting pigeons are actually much worse.
        at night birds aren't as loud, but that doesn't matter because everything else is quiet so you hear them with perfect clarity. It's horrible.

    Sorry for bringing some art into the world.
    Why is a tech blog even whinging about this?

    Considering those two buildings look like office space and not apartments, Andrew Liszewski needs to calm the F down.

    Sounds like you have a case of Ornithophobia.

    Birds are generally quiet at night and that with the in boxes not your gutter I don't really see the problem

      Sounds like selfish humans to me... That is the problem...

    So we humans wrecked the birds habitat, filled it with buildings, and give them stupid boxes for homes, and still complain? Stupid humans.

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