Future Volvos Will Drive Themselves In Slow Moving Traffic Jams

In a few short years Volvos-the fancy ones, anyway-will include a cruise-control system that lets your car drive and steer itself through crawling traffic. So if your daily commute involves a long stretch sitting in a jam, you'll be able to sit back and read a book, get caught up on work, or just keep your hands free for communicating with fellow motorists.

Volvo's Adaptive Cruise Control system uses various cameras and sensors on the vehicle to track and follow the car in front of you at a safe distance — as long as the traffic is moving slower than 31 mph. It's an extension of Volvo's Lane Keeping Aid technology which helps a vehicle stay between the yellow lines, but goes one step further by controlling the acceleration and braking too. It can easily handle both straight and curved stretches of road, is smart enough to steer around unexpected obstacles, and can be cancelled or over-ridden by the driver at any time. Now if maybe Volvo's engineers could solve the bigger problem facing drivers — finding something good to listen to on the radio.

[Volvo via PSFK]



    Great no more Volvo drivers, although in recent years 4WD drivers have largely replaced them as the worst drivers on the road.

    worst piece of technology! we all want self driving cars, who doesn't! but this is going to be abused by the mindless idiots on the road, thinking they don't have to drive anymore.
    they should release this technology until it is completely fool proof!

    Just wait for a bug in the system and your car goes on an uncontrolled rampage. Looks at Toyota

    There will have to be super-extensive testing for this to become a reality. Cars are dangerous, and this system is supposed to work up to 31mph (i.e. almost 50km/h!). While I applaud the technical aspirations, I would want to see it run a truly challenging obstacle course including kids/drunks running out onto the road; situations with faint or worn-out lane markings; and dealing with dickhead drivers.

    It needs to be as good as the best non-professional drivers all on its own, and with 100% consistency. I believe we can get there and I look forward to the day we reach that point!

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