File-Sharers Buy 30 Per Cent More Music Than Non-Sharers

A massive public policy study in the US has revealed that on average file-sharers buy 30 per cent more music than their non-sharing counterparts. That suggests that the record labels' self-declared enemies are in fact their best customers.

The study, known as the Copy Culture Survey, was carried out by the non-partisan American Assembly, and the results were teased this week. It's based on thousands of in-depth telephone interviews across the US, and it's probably one of the most thorough reviews of media sharing habits to be undertaken.

The results, which seem to fly in the face of assumed record label wisdom, show that file-sharers buy 30 per cent more music than their non-sharing counterparts. Interestingly, it also points out that offline copying is far more prevalent than online music piracy.

However, it's also worth pointing out that self-confessed P2P file sharers reported having larger music collections. So, it might not be all too surprising that music lovers, with bigger music collections, also buy more music: a taste for media consumption encourages both file sharing and purchasing.

That, along with the news that offline piracy is a bigger concern, is something the record labels need to wrestle with. [American Assembly via Torrent Freak]



    What this is saying is that those who are into music tend to use file sharing to feed their habit, as well as buying music. That is hardly surprising, is it?

    I've always been of the opinion that piracy allows people to "try before they buy", i've pirated hundreds of games, movies, music files... BUT almost all of what i have pirated i've ended up buying, and in some cases multiple times.

    i Have to agree when i was younger i used to get cracked games 1 as i was just a student and couldn't afford the games and 2 to see which ones to buy. I honastly now buy 95% of my games my steam account can vouch for it as can my origin gog and humble-bundle accounts

    Previous studies have also shown that piracy greatly increases the size of the audience and can lead to more sales and open new markets. It's free marketing.

    i figured this was given knowledge these days for any reasonable people. why are we even still having these discussions?!

    Logic. You have to buy the original in order to make the copy.

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