Fastest Bottle Opener In The Galaxy Opens Bottles In Under 12 Parsecs

For all the Star Wars-branded crap that's been approved by Lucasfilm over the years, there's the occasional stroke of genius, like this bottle opener that reminds us why we love the films -- and drinking.

The ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs can now call your refrigerator home, because this wonderful Millennium Falcon bottle opener features a magnet on the back letting it dock to any magnetic surface. There's no room for smuggling contraband, but this version of Solo's ship serves a far greater purpose for just $US20.




    A curious way to express time, or did I miss the point. The parsec is a unit of distance; 12 parsecs being approximately 39.12 light years. However, it would be nice to open a cold Corona with this device.

      Please... this gets brought up EVERY time.

      WE KNOW... !

      You're not clever or original. The author is particularly aware of the context of the statement.

    was at a friends place on the weekend who had an enterprise bottle opener and i was marvelling at its awesomeness....this for me anyway, is on another level... shut up and take my money!

    Last edited 11/10/12 6:51 pm

    Hmmmm..fridge magnet eh? I can see my fridge getting airbrushed with an image of a star destroyer bridge soon.....

    $20? I could almost buy my own drink with that!


    *GASP* Must... Have... BTW, just to bring it up like everyone else here... Parsec is a distance yo... haha...

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