Everything You Need To Get Around Without Ever Getting Up

Everything You Need To Get Around Without Ever Getting Up

Sometimes dragging yourself out of bed can feel like the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced. But because of work, school, chores, or disapproving spouses, you get up anyways. However, what if there was a way to be lazy while still being productive? Surely it would change lives for the better, right? Well there is. Here’s everything you need to get around without ever getting up.

You’ll be productive, perpetually relaxed, and it will bring out the lethargic dynamo you always knew was napping off in a corner inside you.

Transforming Hospital Bed Wheelchair

If getting out of bed is the biggest challenge you face in a day, then skip it all together. This brilliant bed transforms into an electric wheelchair while you’re still in it, letting you get from the bedroom to the kitchen without ever having to even roll over. Japan, we owe you a debt of gratitude. $TBD

iBot Self-Standing Wheelchair

The iBot wheelchair was the predecessor to the Segway and in this instance is a far better design because you don’t need to stand to use it. It’s a stair-climbing self-balancing standing wheelchair that unfortunately was discontinued a few years ago, but you can probably find a used on sale for significant savings. $25,000+ (But cheaper used.)

Indoor Safe Electric Scooter

There’s a common belief that powered scooters can only be used outdoors. But that’s just not true. As long as you stick to an electric motor that doesn’t generate fumes, and don’t mind a few tire tracks across your tile floors, a scooter can be the ideal way to eliminate that awkwardly long walk to the bathroom. $US500

Riba II Patient Transport Robot

It was fine when you were smaller, but apparently at some arbitrary point in your life asking to be carried from point A to B is considered lazy. Not to the Riba II, a helper robot specifically designed to carry adults so you never have to feel guilty about it lugging you around. Remember, it’s not programmed to judge. $TBD

Recumbent Nederlander Bicycle

Eventually you’ll need to venture outside. And if there’s no car at your disposal, a recumbent bike is as close as you can get to lounging your way to your destination. This model is a bit on the expensive side, but its hydraulic rear shock will make the bumpiest of roads feel as comfy as your mattress back home. $US5,700

Drivable Hammock

Is there anything more comfortable than a hammock? Obviously not. Once you crawl in, you never want to get out, and with this drivable creation you’ll never have to. It will take some DIY-ing on your part to make this a reality, but the payoff for your troubles is a lazy summer afternoon wherever you go. DIY