Every Dining Table Should Hide Its Extensions In Built-in Drawers

The mad dash to find your dining table's extensions when unexpected dinner guests drop by could be a thing of the past if you're willing to shell out $US1500 for Blu Dot's deceptively simple Last Dinner Table.

The table doesn't look like it could be hiding anything, until you discover its pull-out drawers on either end that not only secretly store its extensions, but also serve as supports for the leafs. Because instead of splitting the table apart in the middle, you simply add the extensions to each end which just makes more sense, doesn't it? The Last Dinner Table's extensions look like they can add seating capacity for up to four more guests, but whether or not that's a welcome feature is up to you. [Blu Dot via BLTD]


    Um, this is pretty close to how my extending table works... and it's from the first half of last century. Does this mean someone in my family is a time traveller?

    Can't work out why the extra parts are not cunningly folded under the top like so many other tables have been from the year dot!

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