Empty America Timelapse Looks Eerily Disturbing

This Walking Dead-esque timelapse is kind of scary. It shows a day in the city of San Francisco devoid of any human life or moving cars. It feels like everyone was abducted by aliens.

Gizmodo reader Ross Ching, the director, used Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere to delete every human and moving car from all the timelapse sequences. His short, the first of a series called Empty America, shows every landmark from the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman's Wharf to Lombard Street to Ghirardelli Square to the Bay Bridge, "wiped empty of tourists and traffic."

In case you are curious, this video shows how he did it. [The Trash LabThanks Ross!]


    Hmm.. exec producer Ashton Kutcher! Proof he needs to remain 'behind' the camera for the best effect.. Great video though

    Great video, amazing how beautiful America is without all the Americans.

    I like it, its very clever and takes time to do. The only problem with his technique is that because the area where the cars or people have been erased is a still image superimposed on the video, the shadows on that area will not move with the sunlight. He tends to use very short clips and so the timelapse effect of moving shadows is not as apparent. Still its nice work.

    Nice job, he missed some cars in the background at 2.11 though

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