Easy-Switching Bluetooth Keyboard Condones Gadget Polygamy

Multiple pairings might be frowned upon when it comes to spouses, but no one's going to complain about Logitech's new K810 Bluetooth keyboard which can pair and easily switch between up to three devices at once. And despite the slight hit in battery life, night owls will appreciate the fact it comes with backlit keys that self-adjust to match the room's ambient lighting.

But thanks to a built-in sensor that only powers up the keyboard when your hands are close, its built-in USB rechargeable battery still boasts around 10 days of life between charges. And when you couple that with a brushed aluminium body and keyboard shortcuts optimised for Windows 8, PC users finally have a nice alternative to Apple's Bluetooth keyboard. Even if at $99 you're paying a $US30 premium for glowing keys.

[Logitech via Ubergizmo]



    Do they make the same keyboard without backlights $30 cheaper for people who know how to type?

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    I'm also looking forward to the unlit version, and one which includes a similarly (and hopefully automatically and simultaneously) switchable mouse. It all seems like a retrograde step to me. I currently use the MK710 / M705 combo which uses the unifying receiver and claims a 3 year battery life (which I can't dispute so far). My KVM 'solution' is Input Director, and on the odd occasions when this software falls over I just move the unifying receiver to the machine in focus.

    What are the dimensions? Couldn't find out on the website.

    Pity it doesnt have a num pad

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