Don't Be Startled By The Animals In Your Cup Of Coffee

You're just drinking your coffee, minding your own business when you look down your cup and spill all over yourself. Because what is that at the bottom, a lobster? Yes, it's a lobster. But never fear because it's just ceramic and it's supposed to be there.

Creature cups are so delightful. You can buy not just lobsters cups, but cups with octopi, sea otters, sharks, pelicans and crocodiles swimming in the bottom. Each mug is $US20 or the whole menagerie is $US70. Just don't drop your drink when you realise there's an animal inside. [Etsy via Colossal]


    Those are cool but oh man if you don't wash it out straight away they'll be a bugger to clean :P

      LOL nice. But seriously, they're gonna be a pain to clean!

    How the hell am I supposed to stir my coffee?..

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