Does Anyone Want A 13-inch Macbook Pro Tablet For $3500 Any More?

Maybe five years ago -- or at least before the iPad -- the unicorn, double rainbow desire for all Mac users was a touchscreen MacBook Pro Tablet. The power of a MacBook Pro combined with OS X, on a touchscreen device. Nice, right? But can you imagine buying one of those 'ModBook Pros' for $US3500 now?

It's a pretty powerful system -- up to a 2.9GHz processor, 16GB RAM, all-SSD storage and 512 pen pressure levels -- but that can get even pricier, nearly $US5000 for the maxed-out options. The ModBook Pro will ship in mid-November, but it requires a $US500 deposit. Here's what the ModBook Pro folks say about it:

As the only OS X tablet computer of its kind, the Modbook Pro can be ordered to come preinstalled (via OS X's Boot Camp® utility) with Windows 7 as a secondary operating system, or even to boot natively into Windows 7 right out of the box. The dynamic product configurator also allows customers to build out a full desktop setup with up to two standard or Wacom® penenabled large-screen displays, adding a maximum of 5020 by 1600 pixels (two 2560-by-1600-pixel external displays) to the Modbook Pro's built-in 1280 by 800 pixel screen.

I mean, sure it sounds great but does anyone want this anymore?



    Tell em they're dreaming.

    Got a retina pro and ipad 3 for less than that. No way. Price and portability is what has made the iPad and Nexus 7 popular. A laptop is still the most efficient input device for the software we currently use (e.g. Microsoft Office, etc). Why would anyone want this instead of a laptop and a tablet (best of both worlds). Surface Pro will only be successful if it provides the same power as a laptop at the price of a laptop. Hopefully Microsoft price the Surface Pro at the same price as Ultrabooks.

      Because the ipad is nothing more than an upsized iphone without the phone for casual use and games. This is aimed at designers, artists, animators and people doing a bit more than every day computing.

        If that was the case I would have not just ordered an iPad 3 and just gone for upgrading my iPod Touch 3rd gen to the latest 5th gen.. no.. it's more than just an upsized iPhone without a phone. It's a tablet running iOS.

        But you're right about what the article's subject is aimed at.. not plebs like us.. :)

          The only difference between the iPad and an iPhone is the ability to make/receive calls/texts and the size isnt it? Sure its called a tablet, but it is still essentially an upsized and less useful iPhone right? Is there anything the iPad can do that the iPhone can't? (i'm not trying to be rude or augmentative, I just don't understand the reasoning for owning both other than the convenience factor...)

    The modbook is what the ipad should have been instead of the toy that it is. I had a modbook for a few projection mapping and music projects and there is simply nothing else out there that was able to do what I needed it to. This modbook pro looks pretty damn powerful and im sure there is a niche market for it still. If I had another project come up that I needed it for I would buy it because there still isn't anything close to it.

    For that money I can buy a desktop, a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone - none made by Apple.

      At that price, you can even buy all of the above from Apple!

    This will be shut down very quickly by Apple. Apple try to stop all the Hackintosh systems and this will be no different. By not putting OSX on Mac hardware you are in violation of their License Agreement.

    I smell another Apple lawsuit coming.

      Theses guys have been operating for more than 4 years with no probs from apple... yet

      If you read their site, it's actually a MACBOOKPRO, with different shell.

      They buy MAC BOOK PRO from APPLE, put a new shell in and add LCD touch screen on top instead of keyboard and LCD on the notebook lid., so the OSX is on MAC Hardware

    I'd love one. But not for anything like $3500.

    In case anyone was wondering, these guys have more work than they can handle right now -- That's why this is news this week.

    Rather buy a win8 tab and install your own o/s IMO -- Less hacky, but to each their own.

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