Do Aussies Have Any Idea On The Correct Way To Pronounce 'ASUS'?

Some brand names lend themselves to straightforward pronunciations. Microsoft, Android, Apple, etc. Other more, um, creative monikers however aren't so easy on the old vocaliser. Take PC component manufacturer ASUS. Before you continue, have a go at saying it. Once you're happy with your interpretation, watch the video, filmed during this year's EB Games Expo and see how close you got.

The company's name is based on the word "Pegasus" — in fact, the mythical creature appeared in a lot of its earlier promotional material — so assuming it's pronounced "A-SUSS" isn't a strange conclusion to come to. Yet, I was corrected back when I worked at Atomic that the correct way to say it is "A-ZEUS". Yes, like the father of gods and men [Edit: Or perhaps even "A-SUESS", as one reader suggests].

I doubt if you walk into your local computer store and ask for an "A-SUSS" motherboard or other component that you'll get a confused stare in return. Still, it might win you something at an expo one day if you're approached by a random employee with a microphone.

[YouTube, via Ausdroid]

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