Do Aussies Have Any Idea On The Correct Way To Pronounce 'ASUS'?

Some brand names lend themselves to straightforward pronunciations. Microsoft, Android, Apple, etc. Other more, um, creative monikers however aren't so easy on the old vocaliser. Take PC component manufacturer ASUS. Before you continue, have a go at saying it. Once you're happy with your interpretation, watch the video, filmed during this year's EB Games Expo and see how close you got.

The company's name is based on the word "Pegasus" -- in fact, the mythical creature appeared in a lot of its earlier promotional material -- so assuming it's pronounced "A-SUSS" isn't a strange conclusion to come to. Yet, I was corrected back when I worked at Atomic that the correct way to say it is "A-ZEUS". Yes, like the father of gods and men [Edit: Or perhaps even "A-SUESS", as one reader suggests].

I doubt if you walk into your local computer store and ask for an "A-SUSS" motherboard or other component that you'll get a confused stare in return. Still, it might win you something at an expo one day if you're approached by a random employee with a microphone.

[YouTube, via Ausdroid]


    ive always said asus as "ace-us"

    a-zues sounds stupid

      For the same reason you probably call Mumbai "Bombay", Myanmar "Burmah" and the Beijing "Peking".
      How do you feel when people pronounce your name as "See-mone"?

        How in the world are the historical names of cities related to the pronunciation of a made-up word? No, really? Oh, you just wanted to be smug, gotcha.

          Fact 1. All words in the whole of human existence are "Made up" words. They were created some time after we climbed down from the trees.
          Fact 2. The "Historical Names" of cities (and countries) are the actual names of those cities. We, as imperial colonialists have done what this article refers to... we have, for whatever reason, given them a corrupted Anglicised versions.
          Fact 3. We now live, work and play in a global society. Pronouncing someone's name, or the name of their country, city, or business correctly is about the most basic courtesy you could pay them. You should try it maybe... believe me, they will appreciate the effort you have taken to get it right.
          Fact 4. To people of lesser intelligence, sometimes people of higher intelligence may appear "smug".

            Re point 4: Sometimes, to people of similar intelligence, people of insufferable smugness may appear "smug"

              Point 5. When people of whatever intelligence are unable to construct a valid argument they often resort to name calling.

            Point 5. This is Straya, where we'll make any difficult word easy :P

        I think you're going a bit over the top with country names-I mean do you call Germany deutschland? The names you said are just the English versions of the countries plus the ones you stated have all been changed. plus most Indians call it bombay or they did when I was there

        Questions Dave-Lord, do you use the correct pronunciation of Linux?

          I pronounce it so that it rhymes with Linus.

            I have a feeling the word your looking for there is not "rhyme"

              ya... and its not said like his name.

              His name is Li-nus. And Linus has gone on the record to say that it is Lin-ux.

      That's like pronouncing 'depot' as 'deepot', or 'cliche' as 'klitchee'. Foreign words should always be pronounced in the accent of their origin language.

      The same thing goes for brands. Nike have said that the pronunciation of their brand is 'ny-kee' but according to standard English rules, it would rhyme with 'bike'. If the company who owns the brand tells you how to pronounce their own brand name, then that is how you pronounce it.

        "according to standard English rules"
        That's the problem with the English language, it's so inconsistent that any rule you can think of probably has a counter example.
        "Nike" wasn't a great example to pick though, the company was named after a Greek goddess, so the pronunciation wouldn't follow English rules anyway.

      Yeah i agree, I always call it A-suss. It sounds a lot better

    Me too, a-zues sounds like you're faking an acent.

    I've always called it a Zeus and I often get the weird stares

      same I think A-Zeus sounds fine, don't know where everyone is getting this idea it sounds stupid.

    To be honest, I knew how it was pronounced but I still pronounce it "A-suss" anyway. Lazy I guess..

    I have always pronounced it as A-Zeus, in the end i dont think it really matters which way you pronounce it.

    I've always pronounced it A-Suse/A-Sues?

    Kinda like A-Zues, but with an S

      Same here. "Uh-suse"

    I used to say "A-suss", but after learning how to pronounce it properly, I changed.. I still think "A-suss" sounds much better, but that's just not the companies name :P

    Yo Logan, check the video again, the guy at 2:28 said 'A-ZEUS' and was told he was wrong. From what I heard, the correct answer was 'A-SEUSS' - like the doctor, not the god.

    I'm sure there was a radio ad for one of their products - my brain is pulling out Asus A3N, and apparently that's a laptop so I might not be imagining it. They pronounced it "a-soos", long "o" sound like in "food".

    The Pegasus way is the correct way, and it always get's on my nerve when people say it the wrong way. Especially that time I was working at an Asus booth a while back, oh god correcting them was so much fun.

      Pegasus way as in, A-SUSS? Or A-ZEUS/A-SUSE?

      Because the second is correct, even their advertising will pronounce it that way.

    Everyone I've ever known has pronounced it A-ZEUS. I think it's weird when I hear someone say A-SUSS

    I saw an Asus ad and the voice over pronounced it "A suuu s" so I always thought it was pronounced that way. (right at the end)

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      More or less the same here...

    Years ago I heard it on a radio advertisement pronounced as "a-zeus". I've been pronouncing it that way ever since.

    I was told by a coworker from Taiwan that it was A-soos and that part of the reason it was pronounced like that was because A-suss sounds too close to the way they pronounce Acer.
    Pretty sure the pronunciation is right (wikipedia agrees) but no idea if the reason is.

    "I doubt if you walk into your local computer store and ask for an “A-SUSS” motherboard or other component that you’ll get a confused stare in return. "

    The same way that if an elderly person goes into a electronics store and asks for a HMDI cable or a UBS hub, they probably wouldn't get a blank stare either (unless the clerk is an arse). Doesn't mean it isn't wrong.

    When you phone Asus up, the recorded message at the beginning says A-zeus.

    Eh-Zeus told everyone how to say it a few months a go with a youtube video.

    I work for Asus Services Australia and received emails from head office regarding the pronunciation of the company. From what I've read it should be "ey-soos"....
    i don't know where A-Zeus is coming from????

    Step 1:
    When thinking up names for a company, be sure to fire anyone that will come up with a name that's pronounced differently to how it reads.

    Whats up with names like Huawei & ASUS? It's like having to explain the joke after telling it...

    at about 2:15 in the video there is an awesome dancing guy in the background, lol

    What a pointless post that adds NOTHING to this world. Obviously a slow news day... Sigh... waisted time reading it and then, ironically, commenting on it.

    Screw it, AsRock please...

      haha for sure, switched to AsRock on my last 2 builds, and yes they do rock!!

    I prefer A-suss having said that I regularly call it A-zeus reason being i sell computer salesman and I find 9 times out of 10 customers get A-suss confused with acer. so its easier for me to call it A-zeues to establish a clear distinction.

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