Customs Tried To Stop The Makerbot Replicator 2 From Getting To Australia

If you ordered a Makerbot Replicator 2 recently, you might have noticed that it was a bit late getting to you. That's because when Makerbot decided to launch the Replicator 2 in Australia it ran into an obnoxious hurdle, namely, in the form of the the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

When the local distributor BilbyCNC tried to get the Replicator 2 into the country, it was told that the fancy new 3D printer, which retails for just over $2500 here, would be held pending a further inspection. Why did it need inspection? According to BilbyCNC, Customs flagged the packaging as "suspicious".

This was weird, not just because Customs detained a fairly innocuous product, but because they had seen a Makerbot device before. Why the seizure now?

Well, when Makerbot shipped the old Replicators, they came in a grey box with the word "Makerbot" on the side. With the Replicator 2, the box was changed to be jet black with white Makerbot logos.

Customs apparently held it for a week so that they could be sure there was nothing suspect in the new packaging.

So if you had late delivery of a Replicator 2, you should probably take it up with Customs. If you dare.



    I'm glad it wasn't because they were trying to stop people from potentially manufacturing assault rifle parts out of plastic... If you can have a CNC machine, you should be able to have a 3D printer.

    What's "obnoxious" about Customs delaying it for one whole week?

    It almost seems like Customs enjoy stuffing people around.

    Ha, you think our customs are obnoxious for doing their job. Try sending a bottle of wine to a friend in the US. Better still, just throw it straight into the bin and save yourself the postage.

    Try getting phones shipped in to Australia they tax you $150 plus 5% original price.

      What? I've ordered two phones off eBay from Singapore and none of them ever got taxed. Mind you they were under the $1,000 threshold. Who buys a phone for more than $1,000??

        I got a Note 2 delivered and i know for a fact it is under $1000. And yet they still chose to charge me.

    Time to print some guns!

    they needed a week so they could print out what they needed then repackage it and send it on its way.. that's what i would have done if i was working for customs... perhaps that's why i'm not. haha

    OT, way OT - I still hate this new font.

    This makes me remember one of our first shipments of Thing-o-Matic from USA to UK, they were held in customs for 2 weeks due to bombs in ink cartridges...

    That bee wasn't going to guard itself.

    I'm in China atm for work and I know the most overbearing, authoritarian, hardliners I'll meet on this trip will be the custom officials coming back into Australia.

    I lugged mine back via picking one up in New York and the dept of Homeland Security opened mine up (upside down I might add). Needed to fix a few of the end/limit microswitches that were bent for some reason..

    So it's not just Aussie customs.

      Did you have to pay gst when you came back? And was it checked into the hold or carry on? I was thinking of doing the same thing when I come back from my trip. But not sure if it would sneak through.

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