Gizmodo Comments Update: Notifications, Profiles, Bookmarks

We're continuing to upgrade the awesome membership-based commenting system we rolled out last month. Now you can get notifications when someone replies to one of your comments, share your profile with others and bookmark stories for later reading.

Not a Gizmodo Australia member? Register here. Membership has benefits.

You'll see notifications appear in your user bar at the top of the screen whenever someone replies to one of your comments. (We're working on adding replies using @usernames; that will be in a future release.)

By default, you'll also get a daily email at 8am telling you of any replies. You can adjust the frequency of this email or switch it off altogether in your profile:

Profiles for users are also now viewable, at*username*/. If you want your profile to be private, you can switch to this in your preferences. You can also add links to your other social networking identities to your profile page if you wish.

In a pure genius move by our design team, Ben White and Rob Hussey, the emails are simply a summary of the notifications, not an email for every single notification, meaning we won’t spam you with emails.

Bookmarks were a feature we actually hadn't planned initially, but have added in response to a reader request. We're listening! Click the Bookmark button on any story to add it to your list. You can access them via your profile (but they aren't visible to others).

As ever, we've tested this stuff carefully, but the nature of life online is that stuff sometimes breaks. If you have issues, get in touch using our contact form or just leave a note on this story.

Thanks for all the feedback so far: we want this to work well for readers and we're always open to suggestions!

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    Notifications is a welcome addition.

    I have been having some weird log-in issues. It says that I am logged in but the button at the top right of the page still says "Log In"

      Same here on the log-in issue

        +1 also when you hit the login and log in with your details it spews out "Incorrect username/password"

          Thanks for the heads-up guys. The tech team are aware of the login issue and working on it right now.

            otherwise a nice job all round - more deep features on future tech though please :)

            the 4K - er Ultra HD (bleughh) piece a while ago was great to read

    Are we getting mobile member access soon?

    Anyone else having a problem with not being able to add additional social connections after the first one? :(

      Hey Sam, do you have a little plus button next to the text input? This will add a new row for you to populate :)

        The button is there; but it does nothing. Also, just noticed that when I hit Save Changes when I populate the (only currently available) social connection - it's gone next time I refresh the page.

        I'm using Chrome 22.0.1229.94 m if that helps :)

          To help troubleshoot, please ensure Gizmodo is whitelisted in your adblocker.

            Yep that does it! Overzealous definitions file; thanks Dan!

    Well, that's pretty much everything I've wanted in the comments system all done, great work.

    anyone else getting a massive box at the top of the page?

    Sorry for the google+ link, i can't access imgur/other image sharing sites at work. Also, IE because I'm at work :(

    Lovin' the system. Any chance of ever getting a "Like" or "Upvote" button on each comment similar to Facebook and Reddit? So many comments I want to like, but don't feel the need to spam with a +1.....

    but seriously...

    Great work Giz. This will make engaging with others on the site much easier. A good way to bring many more hits to your site :)

    A little thing that would improve notifications. It would be nice if I could clear all my notifications. When I get 3 or 4 notifications for one thread, I don't need to click on all of them and the unclicked notifications continue to show up. A "Clear Notificiations" button would be handy.

    Also, who decided to go all Metro with the "Success" banner? It's very slick.

    Does anyone else see the similarity between the picture for the story and another frequently used story picture? :P

      You mean NSFW woman? My thoughts exactly!

    Is there a way to filter-off anything relating to Apple?

    You've made some decent points there. I looked on the net for more info about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this website.

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