Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Subliminal Flickering Extends TV Ads To Your Phone It will probably give you nightmares too, just like Pazuzu's flickering face in The Exorcist.

Dyslexic No More: Now Dyslexics Can Read Easy With This Font True story: the creator got sued by some other guy who also made a font for dyslexics.

You Won’t Believe How This Car Was Light-Painted But can it write my name?

Office Paper Could Soon Tell You If You’re Ill Or Pregnant So how does one, uh, use this paper? Wee on it? Cough on it?

Facebook Hits One Billion Active Users, Celebrates With Its First Ad What do Facebook and chairs have in common? This commercial came up with a list 90 seconds long.

Image: rosipaw/Flickr

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