Nexus 7 Models Are Out Of Stock In The US Ahead Of Cheaper Replacements

We're not getting that big Android event we were supposed to get today, but it looks like things are still moving along somewhat as planned. While Google may not show off its shiny new tablets in person today, the old models are now out of stock at the Google Play store in the US, clearing the way for the new ones, whenever they come out of hiding.

This, of course, lines up with all the previous rumours, including the introduction of a new 32GB Nexus 7, the announcement of a 3G model, and a price drop on the 16GB. Hurricane Sandy may have put a damper on the Android event proper, but it looks like the wheels are still turning behind the scenes, getting everything in place for whenever the announcement does happen. Hopefully it's soon. For what it's worth, the Australian Google Play store is still showing both models in stock and no price drop just yet. [CNET]


    Nexus One sold 20,000 handsets in its first week. Droid sold 250,000 units in its opneing week. The iPhone 3GS sold 1.6 million units in week one. It's true that Google is looking long term and hence they won't loose a lot of sleep on opneing week sales, but this does underscore the fact that despite all the hype (Google splashed the Nexus One ads on it's home page, which is accessed by a gazillion people), Nexus One is off to a bumpy start.

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