Ball Dropping RC Chopper Just Revolutionized The Game Of Fetch

Until recently, playing fetch was just about the most laziest way you could interact with a dog. But it's since been trumped by this iPhone controlled helicopter that's able to drop a tennis ball payload up to 10 metres away. Why kill your arm throwing when a few simple touchscreen gestures can keep your pup entertained for hours?

Unfortunately, the iStrike Shuttle is only rated for about five minutes of flight time after a lengthy 60 minutes of charging. And that's probably shortened even further with a payload on board. For $130 you'd expect it to be able to entertain a dog for at least half an hour. And perform other unpleasant pet owner related duties on top of that. [Hammacher Schlemmer via The Green Head]


    Yeah my dog wouldnt bother bringing the ball back after the second time it was dropped a measly 10m away

      +1 Sputnik. Also for a lot of breeds the fun is chasing the ball along the ground and rounding it up. The old-fashioned plastic ball-thrower FTW.

        my dog would just want to catch the helicopter and wouldn't care less about the ball it dropped.

    I'm guessing this was designed for smuggling drugs into prisons...

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