Australian Politician Launches Campaign To Bring Doctor Who To Australia

Australian Politician Launches Campaign To Bring Doctor Who To Australia

There are some pretty serious things going on in Australia right now. The Carbon Tax has been going for three months, we’re trying for a seat on the UN security council and we’re carefully navigating our way through a tetchy global economic environment. So in this time of turmoil, what could be more important a campaign for our federal politicians than getting a petition up to bring Doctor Who to Australia? Meet Federal MP George Christensen.

Christensen represents the Federal electorate of Dawson in far North Queensland, an area that also includes the beautiful Whitsunday islands. Incidentally, that’s where Christensen wants the Doctor to land his beautiful blue TARDIS.

The MP — with the help of his Dalek dubbed “Dazza” — wants the BBC to bring Doctor Who to Australia to film an episode celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show’s first broadcast here in Australia. That’s on 12 January, 2015 for those playing at home.

It’s a guerrilla tourism campaign on behalf of Christensen, who openly admits via the Doctor Who Down Under petition page that the area is suffering during the downturn:

Both Bowen and the Whitsundays have seen some pretty tough times in terms of the slump in tourism and this campaign would be an immediate boost now and into the future. We hope to generate immediate publicity for the region through this campaign, increased business for the region during production, and long-lasting awareness through broadcasting.

This is despite the fact that the Whitsundays were used for Baz Luhrman’s Australia in 2008 and Fool’s Gold starring Matthe McConaughey and Kate Hudson.

But, George, who would the Doctor be fighting in his trip to Australia’s beautiful scenic spots?

“Killer kangaroos, cyber-crocodiles and drop-bears could join forces with the Daleks,” he suggests. Because that will look…good.

Poorly conceived ideas and publicity stunts aside, it would be awesome for Who to come to Australia. Sign the petition if you’re so inclined so that Parliamentarians can get back to running the country.

Thanks to Lachlan for sending this in.

Image: Massao Mutoh