Australian Man Builds Spaceship Out Of Trailer, Puts It Up For Sale On Ebay

Climb into the cockpit, strap in and set your nerd thrusters to maximum, because for a little over $30,000, you can purchase your very own hand-made spaceship.

Now before you even start: lower your eyebrows and read further, because this thing is actually pretty impressive.

It's called the Reconnator 1, and it's an old trailer that has been converted into a towable spaceship simulator by Queensland man Greg. He does trailer conversions for a living and thought one day that it might be fun to build a trailer into a spacecraft.

He told me that it took him around three and a half months to build the space trailer out of spare parts he had from other jobs. Since he's finished it, he's been lending it to friends for kid's parties and more often than not, it's the parents who are shoving kids out of the way left, right and centre to get in the cockpit and pretend they're starring in Lost In Space.

Greg is selling it to fund his next fun build, and it's on sale for $33,000 on eBay. Alternatively, you can buy it outright for $35,000. Greg acknowledges that it's a pretty penny to pay, but you get your very own customisable spaceship trailer for that cash. That means Greg is happy to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

You want screens? You got 'em. You want a beer fridge? You got it. You want a warp drive? Call NASA, but Greg will probably offer to help install that too.

Here's the features list from eBay:

• Dimensions 4.5m L x 2m W x 2.6m H • Has a 12 volt battery system with 240 volt plug in battery chargers • 4 x Air Tanks which drive a start up gyro (sounds like a jet engine starting) • Main rear rocket turbine (air driven - sounds fantastic!) • Pilot and navigator thruster controls for steering. The joy sticks hiss air when you move them • Air tank drains • Safety blow off valves • Air pressure gauges • Air switching valves • Reconnator 1 Carries 10 adults. 2 in the cockpit and 8 in the rear. • Adults can stand up and walk around inside • Cockpit Pilot and Navigator seats are fully adjustable • Push button education aspects about our solar system • Children can interactively play while learning • The cockpit resembles a life-like simulator with air driven turbines. • Lots of lights, switches and warning buzzers • Front glass Sun Roof. Glass electric Moon Roof • Electric Rear Hatch has a power isolation key for up and down button on hatch • Emergency front hatch - can be opened from inside or out • Realistically riveted windscreen with all the looks and characteristics inside and out of a real spaceship • Reconnator 1. can be registered just like a caravan and has a removable tow bar, with wind down landing legs front and rear

I don't care that it costs more than all my possessions put together...SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, GREG. [eBay]

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