Apple Now Has Lightning Cables For Your Other Gadgets

However you feel about Apple's expensive adaptors, you're going to need new cables at some point. Apple's got them for you now. It just announced Lightning cables that connect to USB camera adapters and SD card adaptors, HDMI and VGA.

Those might not be as crucial as your basic charging cables, but it's nice to have the option now. The camera adaptors are $35 apiece in Australia, and the AV and VGA adaptors are $59. Expensive, annoying and sadly necessary. [Apple]


    You know, now that we get an idea of how much normal usb and hdmi cables really cost though ebay etc, it makes me angry that Apple charges $35-$59 for something that at most might cost them $2.00

    I can't find the SD card reader in the store, not for sale yet?

    Welcome to the apple ecosystem, I own a 3Gs yet are by no means a apple lover, having an unabashed hatred of all things iTunes and apples business model in general, this to the point of swearing black and blue that I'd never consider buying another apple product, yet I now find myself contemplating an iPhone 5 as a replacement (which by the way is still vapourware where Telstra is concerned, yet all through the Big Bang Theory last night I had to sit through numerous Telstra tagged earPod adds). The reason you may ask is more due to the fact of what I have already invested (mostly time) as apposed the Tech.

    So even us non fan boy owners have trouble breaking the ties once exposed.

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