Apple Maps Work Really Well As An Experimental Surrealist Art Project

We're all very familiar by now with the melty roads, the collapsed bridges and the general other-worldly properties of Apple Maps. I'm in the chorus of people hating on Apple Maps for being awful, but what if we're looking at this all wrong? What if this whole affair has been the work of guerrilla surrealists contracted by Apple to troll the world's iOS users?

Sure, it's fake, but it's a pretty amazing theory. PuppetShed is responsible for putting this spoof documentary together, where they "interview" the artist Apple worked with to make Maps the melty, surrealist mess we've been saddled with.

Here's the description:

"This short documentary uncovers the background behind the new Apple iOS Maps Flyover 3D Art experiment. You'll meet Jean-Marc Rosseau, the twisted yet talented mastermind behind the project and hear his thoughts on bringing Flyover's disturbing semi-realistic imagery to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad user. It's both shocking and intriguing."

Recommended viewing. [Thanks Stilgherrian for sharing this one.]

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