Apple Forced To Run Public Apology To Samsung In 14pt Arial

Having lost its appeal against the UK High Court of Justice's ruling, which decided Samsung's tablet designs didn't infringe on the iPad, Apple is being forced to make a public apology.

The best bit? The judge in question has described how it has to do it. Apple will have to post notices on its website, and in newspapers, explaining why it's sorry. In Arial. With a font size no smaller than 14 pts. Brilliant. [BBC]


    Love Apple products but hate their legal department so suck shit Apple. Licence your ideas out instead of trying to stop others from competing with you maybe.

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      They do licence out their ideas, they have a licence agreement with Microsoft at the moment. They even offered Samsung a licensing deal, but Samsung rejected it, so now they have to pay $1B for stealing other people's patented ideas.

        +1 - a lot of people seem to think Apple just refuses to licence things. They licence many things. Samsung is the one that refused.

          Samsung didn't "refuse" anything but the initial offer. All they wanted to do was negotiate a more reasonable deal but Apple were determined to screw them one way or the other.

            The only thing worse than apple fanboys is this new breed of android fanboys. How come they don't seem to understand tech?

          And apple refused to negotiate. A lot of people think apple is some how the english gentleman of the tech industry who puts ethics before profits. They made an offer to samsung that no one in their right minds would accept.

            Oh yeah I keep forgetting that Samsung's a billion–dollar company that can't afford to license patents

          An iPhone is almost entirely made from Samsung parts, your argument is invalid.

          Apple's original deal with samsung was ridiculous and they were not willing to negotiate. Microsoft has a licensing deal with Apple but MS can force them to negotiate because if anything Apple needs to license more from microsoft than MS needs from Apple.

        I also have a hard time differentiating between opinion and fact!

        I recently build a table with rounded edges, Do i need to pay apple for license infringement?!?

          You should be alright. You might get into trouble if you need to clean it though. Just make sure you don't swipe the cloth from one side to the other.

          Is the table used as a portable touchscreen computer? Is it the same dimensions as an iPad, and does it have most of the same functions?

            It only has to be a black rectangle with a flat screen with even rounded corners. Dont' have to be the same dimensions (as the tab wasn't), and doesn't have to have the same functions (as most functions are stolen from other things anyway)

              I'm pretty sure it has to be a portable tablet of some sort. No LCD TVs with rounded corners have yet been sued by Apple and I strongly doubt they would.

              In order for something to be a threat to Apple it has to be competing against one of their products.

        I wasn't aware of this. That's fine then. Screw you Samsung.

    While I don't like Apple, I don't particularly enjoy Apple hating either.

    Saying that- Good. At least somewhere is being sensible about all this patent stuff.

    Now we just need Apple slapped down on Appeal for Samsung and Samsung banned from selling old devices and hopefully both might've got the message.....probably not, but you can always hope....

      Why should Samsung's old devices be banned? How do you not understand that there was no real infringement.

        Actually on the Galaxy S, there quite obviously was. I have no issue with the fact that it is an iPhone clone and they should be slapped for that. They've moved on now anyway. The Galaxy Tab is a different story- it is very different to the iPad and should never have been put in that bundle.

        Oh and they should be banned, because it gives Apple a moral victory (as there is little financial penalty for old phones like that for Samsung) while Samsung gets one in the form of winning their appeal, because Apple never got the money, so they're not actually losing it. Then we can move on and be grown ups for once and actually invent things, rather than copying or taking bits and pieces and gluing them together in a pretty way and saying "that's mine" and licking it so no one else can touch it.....

          "Actually on the Galaxy S, there quite obviously was. I have no issue with the fact that it is an iPhone clone and they should be slapped for that."

          BAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAhahahahahhahahahha an "iPhone clone" ? You must be smoking some hardcore shit.

            Different size
            Different look
            Different OS (that functions differently)
            Features that have never been featured in any iPhone (such as NFC)

            The main similarity between them is they can both be described as "smartphones." Since you don't seem to know, "clone" doesn't mean: Something that can be extremely vaguely described with the same word if you ignore the large amount of differences between them.

    14 pt Comic Sans would ensure they NEVER tried anything like this again

    So when do they have to do it and for how long? I need a good laugh at apple's expense...

      Not sure when, but according to the original article, it must be displayed for the period of one month.

    Lol love it. Nothing like a good old public shaming.

    Stifling innovation is something that a lot of business' try to do these days. Apple does it's share also. Good to see even a minor win for sense.

    I'm sure apple won't mind apologising while they cashing samsung's $1Billion dollar cheque. This really isn't a win for Samsung in the grand scheme of things.

    Im Sorry Samsung , i tried to screw you again
    I failed, im so so sorry

    funny that all the attention is focused on the one case that apple won(in America) & very little is said about the cases in other parts of the world that apple have lost....a little bit of bias at play maybe?

    Lovely - making Apple apologise over a patent dispute and forcing them to use a font that's patented by Microsoft.

    (and licensed to Apple, but still)

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