Apple Finally Kills Australian Start-Up Chomp

Apple Finally Kills Australian Start-Up Chomp

Oh the humanity! After acquiring awesome Australian-born iOS and Android app discovery start-up Chomp in February, Apple yesterday confirmed to AllThingsD that it has officially killed the service.

Chomp was one of the best ways to find new, hot and cheap apps on the iOS App Store and the Android Market. They were so good that in February, Apple bought it out for an undisclosed sum.

Cupertino immediately killed off the ability for Chomp users to search for apps in the Android Market, which is understandable, but as of Monday, Chomp is officially dead.

You can’t download it from the App Store anymore and AllThingsD reports that users are being served a dialog box that informs them of the service’s demise and throws them straight at the App Store.

That means Apple has poured the good juices from Chomp straight into the App Store, meaning that the app itself is no longer required.

It’s strange, really. The new App Store design rolled out in iOS 6 and in my opinion, app discovery is worse than ever. Anyone else noticed that.

Vale, Chomp. [AllThingsD]