Apple Earns $8.2b By Selling Nearly 30 Million iPhones, 14 Million iPads

At least someone made money today. Apple reported earnings of $US8.2 billion on $US36 billion in sales today, buoyed by strong acceptance of the iPhone 5 and the total lack of public interest in any tablet that's not an iPad.

While Apple didn't break out how many of each kind of iPhone it sold, the 26.9 million units it moved is a 58 per cent increase over a year ago. Not bad for such a mature product that, let's face it, many many people already own. iPad sales were up 26 per cent, Macs saw a 1 per cent increase, and the poor little iPod continued its march towards obsolescence, with a 19 per cent decrease to 5.3 million units sold.

All told, it was a fairly typical Apple quarter; the most excitement is that Apple's estimates for next quarter are below analyst estimates, but that's just people guessing different things for different reasons and not worth worrying about. So! Don't sweat it.

Apple's going to have a call to discuss the last three months of filling its Scrooge McDuck money tub today; we'll be listening in to update or post new news as warranted.



    There are some things that other companies simply cannot copy... :P

      I'm guessing by the copy comment you are referring to Samsung. Who actually made nearly 10 Billion dollars in revenue more than Apple this quarter. Or maybe you were remarking that not even Samsung have the bloated profit margins of Apple so even though they had much higher revenue overall their profit was still lower... Or maybe you were just being a troll... oh well

        Oh wait, did someone say "Samsung"?

          Oh don't be coy. You knew exactly what you were inferring.

        Samscum? This "honourable"company you mean.

        The most corrupt company on the face of the planet. You just don't know it, yet…...

        Last edited 26/10/12 6:46 pm

    Waiting for the Apple-phobes to starts barking on about [INSERT RIVAL COMPANY HERE] etc....

    Last edited 26/10/12 1:03 pm

      Waiting for Apple *fanatics* to do the opposite.

      Can we just make a rule that if they're a fanatic of any kind, they're not allowed in? Would be much nicer for the rest of us.

    'They're going downhill now Jobs is gone'...


    The iPad is pretty damned awesome though - my experience of everything else is just a bit shoddy. IMOO

      I suspect you lack exerience or have yet to really look at the opposition's offerings - pleny of quality(and crap) out there to compare with Apples tech

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