Apple Deleted 2am And 2pm From The Space Time Continuum [Updated]

We've taken a lot of shots at iOS 6. The new App Store is bad for discovery, Passbook is, so far, virtually useless and the Maps are just awful. Here's something, though, that really takes the cake for incredibad in iOS 6: Apple forgot to include 2am and 2pm on its Alarms.

This is so hysterically bad. If you're on iOS 6, check this out right now.

Go to your Clock app and hit the "Alarms" tab, then, try and set a new alarm for 2am or 2pm. What you'll find in the hour ticker is the number "3" twice: there is one where it's supposed to be, and another where the "2" is meant to live.

And it's not like you can go and select the first 3 as a stand-in for 2, either. It boots you off the number as soon as you select it.

I do hope iOS 6.1 is coming soon.

Thanks to Bryson for sending this in. Best of luck getting up tomorrow.

Update: So this is probably a Daylight Savings glitch. I've checked four handsets now and they're all removing 2am and 2pm. If you're going to post in the comments about it working or not working for you, tell us where you hail from so we can confirm. Queenslanders welcome.

Update 2: So commenter Right? points out that if you manually tell the phone that the date is 8 October and not 7 October, you get your 2 back in the alarms tab. Setting the time back, however sees the issue persist. If you really need to wake up at 2am tomorrow, either tell you're phone that it's October 8 before setting the alarm or set it for 1:59am. Or just sleep in.



    This only affects states that have daylight savings time applied. Vic, NSW, SA, TAS, but not NT, WA or QLD. The shift in the space time continuum exists. But only for a short time.

    Yeah, so I reckon Daylight savings has been at 2am for about 95 years now, and the fact that this has occurred every time on DST nights for the past 4 years I've owned an iPhone is indicative that this isn't a glitch. It's this thing where you put your clock forward or back an hour. Check it out.


      Which is what I said. It explains why 2am is missing. However, I also said it doesn't explain why 2pm is also missing.

        I'm guessing its because they only display 1-12 in the hour column with an am/pm on the right. So to remove 2 at all it has to be gone for both am & pm. It makes sense why it happened, but doesn't make it any less stupid.. a lack of forward thinking really

    Works okay for me.

    It's an IOS 6 thing because the bug is there on my 5 but not on my 4S on IOS 5.1.1

    It's easy to write a not very well thought out, Apple bashing article, but it's even easier to write a comment bashing Luke/Gizmodo over it. Get over it guys. Be happy he updated it and had the balls not to edit it.
    Yes it's intentional but yes it's still an obvious bug considering there's no 2PM. Not really a surprise as daylight savings bugs are very common in general.

    Having no 2am obviously makes sense but not being able to set an alarm for anytime in the hour of 2pm IS a bug.

    Just avoid setting alarms for that time

    I'm in florida and have both 2AM and 2PM available. My phone is set up to use 24hour time though so it's 02:00 and 14:00 for me

    "Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am on the first Sunday in October and ends at 2am (which is 3am Daylight Saving Time) on the first Sunday in April."[]

    stupid post.. you call this as a problem? I call this as a feature. Why? because at that time DST started and 2am becomes 3am.. now i wonder.. do you guys get paid by samsung to point out iPhone's weaknesses?

    Hysterically bad, Luke? It's just a phone alarm, not the primary function of the device. If you really need an alarm to wake up, maybe the problem is somewhere else.

    Who uses am/pm any more anyway? Mine's showing 2:00 as usual.

    Sigh. Another quality report edging me closer to the delete bookmark button.

    My alarm on iOS6 doesn't have the "date" others mention. Perhaps an Aussie feature? I set new alarms and edited existing for different days of the week with no problem for both 2am and 2 pm.

      FYI, I'm in Reno, NV, USA

    Ok, for the record on the day in question there was no 2am due to daylight savings. Secondly maps are fine, google maps were not perfect and neither are apple maps but at least we now have turn by turn (well its coming and it's awesome) and 3d, so move on.

    Its bad when you needed to set an alarm to get up at 2.45am this morning and the phone couldn't see that you were already past the 2 o'clocks of yesterday and let you do it... Thank goodness only one of our phones was upgraded!

      I have to get up around that time far more than I'd like, and it seems that Apple would have preferred me to wake at midnight, to then set an alarm for 2:30am, rather than realising that once DLS has lost that hour, it is back to normal.

      Surely the better solution would have been to only remove 2:00-2:59 from that one date, if set BEFORE that date. Not program out an entire hour for 48-hours around it.

      Call it what you will - a bug, or really crappy programming.

    Another reason why Luke wouldn't recommend people to buy iPhone 5. The first reason was because he thinks most of the apps Luke has have black bars. Then obviously the iOS 6 maps. I would have thought tech editors use more research than publish rants. There was no 2 am with DST because after 1:59 the next minute is 3 am. I ve had my iPhone 5 for the past couple of weeks an most of my Apps have been updated to iOS 6. There are already reports that apple is making serious efforts to fox their Maps. The good news is all iOS can be updated with a touch of button by Apple. Unlike months to yrs on android. However this website has become a rant blog than a researched tech website. So the standards are at expected level!!!

    Mine has both. You might want to fact check before you write anything.

      You might want to read the article....The issue is corrected by changing the date on your phone...Or by you know waiting till the DLS change day is over...which it is now -_-...

    Why the hell are people bashing this article to much? Just google Iphone DLS issues and there are a metric shit ton of posts about the iphone being screwy during DLS...No other device in my house other then my girlfriends iphone had a stuff up and YES she did need to get up at 2:30 only to find it didn't happen....This problem has been happening on iphones for years now and they have still done nothing to fix it...About time people stopped accepting the bullshit and ask why the hell they have still done nothing to fix a problem that happens twice every year!

    So you think it is perfectly ok to loose the 2am and 2pm off your phone for 2 days of the year each time a DLS change hits? I think the article is correct. They did remove the 2 from the clock app. And don't anyone try and say the clock isn't an important part of the phone....

      Removing 2am was correct though. Technically, there was no 2am on Sunday morning. The clocks went from 1:50am -> 3pm. That part is 100% correct.

      However, what is totally incorrect is removing 2pm as well.

        Sorry I meant 1:59am, not 1:50am. Maybe I should register so I can edit comments...

        The 2pm stupidity aside.. There is some obviously validity to removing 2am, HOWEVER the major issue is the alarms that were set for that time not being honoured and simply not going off.. this is a severe lapse in quality control and you would think that with all of apples trouble in the past in this area that someone might have stepped up and tested this, that is, assuming it was even remembered.

        Bring on the next iOS6 fail..

          iOS would not have allowed you to set alarm between 1:59 and 3:00 am for the alarm not to work. I wanted to set a reminder for DST at 0200 a month ago. Found it wasnt there. And I realised it woudnt have made sense. I am no tech editor.

    My 4s was set for Brisbane time, but jumped an hour. So to for my daughter. I had an employee turn up for work last night an hour early. He has android. I hate DST

    Nope, works for me, my sliders don't include the am and pm though, 2pm is 14:00 for me.
    So maybe it's only when u use am-pm setting?

    Well I wonder if they fixed the day light savings alarm issues that the iPhone was plagued with a few years back. That was the last straw for me and my iPhone, especially since apple knew about the problem and didn't bother to warn anyone. woken up and hour early or an hour late for weeks, screw you Apple.

      For weeks? After the first day or two, pretty sure it just becomes your fault for still using it..

        Well that was a quick way of explaining it, the real problem was much worse than just going off an hour late or hour early. They released several "fixes" and workarounds, none of which actually worked. Some fixes did nothing, while others caused the alarm to go off about 4 hours early and other "fixes" caused it to go off an hour late, or two hours late. Sometimes it just wouldn't work at all. So I eventually gave up and bought a Galaxy S. how could they just leave something like that and not fix it or at least warn their customers! They only acknowledged it a few days before the US daylight savings started and pretty much gave the finger to everyone in Australia.

    The DST time change happens at 2am, if you check 2am is only missing for the night if the 6th. This happens EVERY YEAR this way. What this article shows is the Gizz is out to prove ios6 is broken in someway (when it isnt), as evidenced by the comment about passbook being "virtually unless" passbook is new, as providers start using it (eg Virgin) it will become emensly useful. When will the Gizz come clean on their hidden agenda to trash apple?

      "emensly useful".. perhaps but this is another case of people stupidly sucked into apple marketing, its not magical.. its not something new that you've never had before.. its a glorified folder in your inbox.

      You get your e-ticket, you open it from your inbox, you scan it at the airport. Apple packages that as an app slaps a kool-aid sticker on it and people just drink it up.

    I have tested this with an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 in Victoria and can confirm the issue. It's actually 3 bugs as far as I am concerned.

    1. NEVER should there be two 3's in the list - under any circumstances - fail - even a missing 2 would have been debatable
    2. After the time change (on the same day), 2 AM obviously refers to the next day, which has a 2 AM - fail #2
    3. The missing 2 PM is obvious anyway - but that's not the main bug here

    My 2 cents ... anyway. Reminds me of the good old Zune, which could not be powered on for 24 hours (Jan 1st) and Apple iPhone alarms not working after a leap year or DST a couple of years ago.

    This is how the did Day light saving by fowarded the clock by an hour...

      So care to explain why I don't have a 2pm either on my girlfriends iPhone? The number two just vanished on Sunday....check your facts before calling others retards...

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