Apple Deleted 2am And 2pm From The Space Time Continuum [Updated]

Apple Deleted 2am And 2pm From The Space Time Continuum [Updated]

We’ve taken a lot of shots at iOS 6. The new App Store is bad for discovery, Passbook is, so far, virtually useless and the Maps are just awful. Here’s something, though, that really takes the cake for incredibad in iOS 6: Apple forgot to include 2am and 2pm on its Alarms.

This is so hysterically bad. If you’re on iOS 6, check this out right now.

Go to your Clock app and hit the “Alarms” tab, then, try and set a new alarm for 2am or 2pm. What you’ll find in the hour ticker is the number “3” twice: there is one where it’s supposed to be, and another where the “2” is meant to live.

And it’s not like you can go and select the first 3 as a stand-in for 2, either. It boots you off the number as soon as you select it.

I do hope iOS 6.1 is coming soon.

Thanks to Bryson for sending this in. Best of luck getting up tomorrow.

Update: So this is probably a Daylight Savings glitch. I’ve checked four handsets now and they’re all removing 2am and 2pm. If you’re going to post in the comments about it working or not working for you, tell us where you hail from so we can confirm. Queenslanders welcome.

Update 2: So commenter Right? points out that if you manually tell the phone that the date is 8 October and not 7 October, you get your 2 back in the alarms tab. Setting the time back, however sees the issue persist. If you really need to wake up at 2am tomorrow, either tell you’re phone that it’s October 8 before setting the alarm or set it for 1:59am. Or just sleep in.